Sit Atop My Cupcake

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Mr Pretzel loves cupcakes… no, no, no, I don’t think you get me… he LOOOOVES cupcakes.  According to him it is the perfect serving of cake.  They are like little cake nirvana in your hand.  I like cupcakes and I’m not too crazy about  wedding cake. So it was a no brainer early on- we were having wedding cupcakes.

Click for source

Click for source

While that was an easy decision, how to top the cupcakes was not so easy. After trolling Etsy, I quickly realized that most traditional toppers would not work on cupcakes.  Time to brainstorm mini-toppers that would work on cupcakes.

First, I looked into using LEGO Minifigs, since Mr Pretzel is a LEGO fan.  In my head, I saw a Princes Leia and Han Solo Minifig topper.  But I soon found out that the Leia I envisioned, the one in white with cinnamon bun hair, was hard to find. Ironically the bikini clad Slave Leia was readily available… ummm yeah… no.  While searching for Minifig Leia, I found out that Lego actually made Bride and Groom Minifigs.  Most of the grooms were sporting tuxes, and Mr Knit Pretzelis wearing a vest- no jacket.  I stumbled on this vest clad groom and bride on ebay for just under $40:

LEGO Minifig "I Do"

LEGO Minifig "I Do"

Done- check it off the list!  I was sure Mr Pretzel would be thrilled with my LEGO find.  Surprise, Surprise he was not very excited about the minifigs- actually he down right didn’t like it.  *sigh*  I was back to square one, so I went back to Etsy and did something novel- I searched on exactly what I was looking for- “Cupcake Wedding Topper”.  *DING DING DING*  We found a winner!  Right at the top of my search results was Custom Cupcake Toppers by goosegrease.  These adorable painted wooden people won my heart.  Let me introduce you to my cupcake topper obsession:

Click for source

Click for source

These little guys set you back $40 and are customizable to look like you and your groom.  I could see mini-me sporting turquoise pumps, and mini-Mr Pretzel rocking his signature Converse All Stars. *eeek! Yay!*

$40 was within the range I was wiling to pay, but it was the upper limit. At the back of my mind something was tugging at me.  “I could do that… and it would be fun!”  I put the topper into my Etsy favorites and would come back to “check in” with them from time to time over the next months.  They even graced a couple of my inspiration boards.

Have you not purchased something because you thought you might Do It Yourself?  How did your DIY version come out?

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When I lose my words… Introducing the Mini-Pretzels: Our DIY Cupcake Toppers

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