The Ring Part I: Hugging the Girdle

October 19, 2009 at 4:45 pm 1 comment

A little while ago we took my size 4 ring in to be sized down to a size 3.5…  yeah I’ve got some teeny-tiny fingers. The day we were to pick up my ring, I got struck with the flu and spent the rest of the week in bed or in quarantine.  Sigh… we had to wait an extra week be reunited.  I felt strange without my ring but Mr Pretzel and I agreed that it was sliding around my finger way too much for either of us to feel comfortable. When I finally got it back ,   I realized that I hadn’t really elaborated much on my ring.

Let’s rewind back to last March.  Mr Pretzel and I had just started talking marriage and engagement.  I hadn’t even started to think about rings.  Then, we were watching Sweet Home Alabama and I had my first engagement ring thought/comment.

You know the scene, Reese and Patrick are in a dark room, the lights flip on, the blue boxes are stacked high, and the diamonds come out.

Me: “Don’t you worry, I won’t be demanding a giant flashy Tiffany Ring.”

Mr Pretzel: “That’s good cause if you did, you might be waiting a while for it. *grin*”

Don’t get me wrong, I had never actually looked at Tiffany Rings… I just had a caricature in my head of the type of girl who demands a large fancy diamond in a blue box.  A caricature that I knew “wasn’t me”. We had a giggle and enjoyed the rest of the movie.  Oh that comment and how it would be my downfall.

Now, not only had I not looked at Tiffany rings, I hadn’t looked at any engagement rings. I thought it would be funny to e-mail Mr Pretzel  most jewel encrusted, over the top, expensive ring and pretend that it was “the one”.  I remembered the quote from the movie, and my fingers quickly typed, with full expectations of over the top and flashy. In my mind I could see the look on Mr Pretzel’s face when I showed him a ring all blingged out and huge!

So NOT me!

So NOT me!

As the page loaded, I lost my words.

*cue music and lights... behold the perfect ring*

*cue music and lights... behold the perfect ring*

When I finally found words, all i could muster was “Damn it!”

There it was, the Tiffany® Setting… so freaking simple and perfect.  The lines were clean and simple and the diamond was beautiful and sophisticated, everything I didn’t even know I wanted in a ring.

ohhh... pretty

ohhh... pretty

I did a little research about Tiffany and the Tiffany® Setting.  This baby has history!

In 1886 Tiffany introduced the engagement ring as we know it today—the Tiffany® Setting—an innovation that lifts the diamond above the band with six platinum prongs, allowing a more complete return of light from the stone and maximizing its brilliance. –Tiffany & Company history

The price was surprisingly reasonable and the quality high.  Hummm… maybe I judged good ol’ Tiffany and Co too harshly.  I set aside plans to kid Mr Pretzel with an ostentatious ring in favor of seeing this one in person.  *Sigh*  In person, it was just as beautiful.  The saleswoman was awesome and educated me on all things diamond.   I was smitten with the ring. Smitten and a little sheepish; how ironic that I had fallen for a Tiffany Ring.

Armed with a Tiffany book on engagement rings I met Mr Pretzel for dinner.  He wanted to know how my shopping had gone and if I had seen anything I liked.  I bit my lower lip and nodded my head silently not making eye contact.  He asked if I was going to tell him about it.  I nodded my head no.   He gave me a funny look and I burst out, “I found the ring I love and now I am a hypocrite.” He gave me a blank stare, so I  tossed the blue book onto the table.  We both looked at the book, and together we burst out laughing.

That night I read him passages out of the book and we had a good chuckle.  Our favorite quote accompanies this photo:

"Notice how the prongs hug the girdle without violating the table"

"Notice how the prongs hug the girdle without violating the table"

Honest to God, it really says that.  I went to sleep dreaming of hugged girdles and un-violated tables.

What has been ironic in your wedding planning?  How did you fall in love with your ring?

All Photos: Tiffany & Co

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