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Day to day my shoes are not awe inspiring.  My normal footwear sports a star– it isn’t made by a Star:


That being said, I’m short- 5’2″- fun-sized short.  What petite girl doesn’t appreciate the height some heels give her?  Even though I rock Chucks most the time, when I wear heels I wear HEELS.  I’m not a stranger to the balancing act of stilettos. After reading blogs like Green Wedding Shoes and seeing insanely awesome colored shoes like the ones wore by Mrs Cheese and Mrs Toucan I was inspired.  Before I even knew what type of dress I wanted I knew that I wanted turquoise high heels to rock down the aisle.  Doing some web searching I stumbled on something that made me want to write a letter.

Dear Paris Hilton,

I’ve judged you a little harshly.  Sorry that I rolled my eyes at your first TV show.  Sorry that I wrote you off as a spoiled little rich girl with WAY too much time on your hands.  Sorry that I got irritated with “That’s hot!” after the second time I heard you say it.  It never dawned on me that the socialite who spends almost all her life in high heels would make the most amazing pair of foot candy.  I stand corrected… Grrrrl you make some damn good heels.



After a delicious plate of humble pie and going back and forth about whether or not to buy the beauties taunting me on the computer screen, I made my very first wedding related purchase.  Zappos only had 1 left in my size, so I also ordered the next size up, just in case.  A couple days later the mailman brought me my new BFF, the now-sold-out Paris Hilton Spelled.

She’s draped in turquoise satin, with a sassy little knot on the vamp.  Oh and those pink little hearts on the insole? Super thick padding so your footsies don’t get tired.  I wore them for a day around the house (they are 4″) and my feet didn’t fatigue- that girl is a genius!

Even though I’m not all bling-y in my day to day, I like the idea of having a little sparkle on my wedding day.  My new BFF delivers. You see that on the back there? No? Ok, here is a better view.

Paris flippin’ encrusted the metal (yes metal) heel in rhinestones.  Insane! At our Catholic Ceremony my feet going to get a fair amount of viewing time from behind and while kneeling.  Good to know the view of the bottom of my shoes will be pretty. How awesome are the bright pink soles?

Curious what the look like in action? actually filmed them “walking”- a little bit much but funny. (they appear to be way too big on the model… so she’s walking kinda funny)

Converse Allstars they aren’t, but they are oh-so-me.  I am glad I didn’t wait to have a dress picked out before I bought these babies.  I just did a web search and I can’t find them for sale anywhere.

What part of your wedding attire is a departure from your norm?  What was the first wedding related purchase you made?


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