Dress Direction

November 14, 2009 at 12:56 pm Leave a comment

On most wedding decisions I haven’t been wishy-washy,.  OK with on exception- bridesmaid dresses.   I wanted each girl to pick a dress from Dessy in the color assigned her. At first I wanted solid dresses.  Dessy has a lot of dresses where you can have an accent color and I got seduced by the idea of tying the different colored dresses together with a common accent. So,  it became colored dresses with grey accents, then colored dresses with colored accents, then grey dresses with colored accents. Somewhere in there I entertained the idea of black dresses with colored accents.


If I were one of my bridesmaids I would have smacked me. Ultimately, I have gone back to simplicity- solid colored dresses.  But with all of the back and forth I was sure I had caused confusion and I wanted to send my girls their color swatches (and paint chips!).  Miss Snow inspired me to do something more than place a fabric swatch in an envelope and mail it.

Months ago I found some bright blank note cards in the $1 bin at Joann’s.  I pulled these out, measured them and designed a quick card and envelope  in MS Word using the Ma Sexy font from dafont.  I ran the cards and envelopes through my laser printer. I affixed a small fabric swatch (cut with pinking shears) and paint chip to each card.

I slipped in a note explaining the final direction on dresses and how we are going to go about ordering, sealed them and sent them on their way.

5 note cards= $1
Fabric Swatches = Free
Paint Chips= Free
Postage= 3 x .44 = $1.32  ( I hand delivered 2 of the cards)
Total= $2.32  or $0.46 each

They arrived at their destinations and got the girls looking at dress styles again.  It appears that Dessy has added a whole slew of new dress styles.   I will leave you with a sampling of some of the new dress styles.


How did you let your girls know what dresses/styles/colors to pick?


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