In Search of an Urban Pretzel Party: Part II

November 25, 2009 at 5:11 pm Leave a comment


In my mind Mr P’s and my journey would sequence like this:

  • get engaged
  • plan a wedding
  • get married
  • buy a house

Pretty simple and standard. Life had other ideas. Ideas that have reshuffled those events to resemble this:

  • buy a house
  • (start to) plan a wedding
  • get engaged
  • get married

You see that subtle shift?  We took advantage of the dip in Seattle area house prices and bought our first townhouse.  WhoooHoooo! …except it took 80 days to close and tied up our $$ –read: Mr P couldn’t purchase a ring until the house was closed.

The other thing that happened was Seattle couples started booking venues 4-5 months earlier than normal.  Many of these couples had put wedding plans on hold until they got a better sense of what the economy was going to do. This summer they felt comfortable to book venues for the following summer- almost 12 months in advance.

We had decided it wasn’t fair to invite out of town guests to visit Seattle any time of year other than summer, when the weather is at its best.  We also figured that we had until October or November before we would need to tie down our venue.  …ummmm…. not this year!

On a whim I called Pravda, our reception venue front runner,  to see what their availability for the following summer was.  The helpful gal on the other end of the phone told me there was only 1 date available for summer 2010.

*Insert mini freak out*


Poor Mr P had to listen to my crazy worrying- thanks to Mama Pretzel I got the worrier gene.

Miss P: What if someone books that date?

Mr P: Then we find another venue

Miss P: But that one was perfect!

Mr P: It will be ok, we’ll find another venue.

Ultimately we agreed that it was a priority for us to get married next summer so we would begin our venue search, even if he hadn’t proposed yet. Working with our families we had narrowed down the sumer dates to 1 or 2 that would work.  Thankfully one of the dates was the one date that Pravda had an opening.

When I called to set up a visit with Pravda I was crushed to find out that not only had they booked the date that had been open, but that there was not just 1 but 2 couples on the waiting list for that date. *cue foreboding music*

What. to. do.

What unexpected wrenches were thrown into your venue search?

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