Confessions of a Wedding Blog Junkie (WBJ)

November 26, 2009 at 11:32 am Leave a comment

I am a self professed “WBJ” (Wedding Blog Junkie).  My blog feed list was as long as the browser is tall.  I would catch up with my favorite (and there were a lot) blogs daily. I was a virtual sponge of all things related to wedding inspiration.  My Salty Pretzel counterpart called it my “wedding p0rn” and I was definitely addicted.

Define Wedding P0rn: “Wedding stories and pictures are like p0rn for those planning their own nuptials.” – Ariel of Offbeat Bride

Looking back I was on a crash course for Wedding Inspiration Hangover (WIH).  When WIH set in I fought against it, trying to force myself to stay up on my wedding blog reading.  Ultimately I reduced my wedding reading to just Weddingbee* and an occasional check in on some of the DIY blogs.  I felt like saying “enough is enough already! How many more ideas can my little brain hold?”

Mr Pretzel is more than happy to get me back from my “wedding p0rn” addiction   I get a little sad when I see all the unread blog posts in my reader.  But I feel pretty confident that I’ve got enough inspiration for now to keep me going. I recognize that as a recovering WBJ, I need to limit my consumption of online inspiration.

Pretzel Kitty ‘Nova slumbers peacefully on my now dust covered Wedding Planning Binder- a sign of my WIH.

Are you a WBJ? Did your SO mind you being a WBJ?  Have you encountered WIH?

*Note: Weddingbee has been the only exception to my WIH.  I heart this place!


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