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The following is a conversation between Miss Pretzel and friend pre-engagement.

“I bet you are so excited to go dress shopping!”  says the well meaning friend

“Ummm, No,” Pretzel thinks to herself.

After  an awkward silence, Miss Pretzel cracks a phony smile and nods her head  while murmuring “un hun” through closed teeth.  She quickly change the subject to another wedding-y topic that she is interested in, like DIY or invitations or photobooths, or venues… anything except the dress!

Hit a nerve you ask?   For me to mask my feelings with a cheesey smile and a vague response was completely uncharacteristic.  What had me acting this way?

I was not feeling wedding dresses.  Strike that- I was convinced that the bridal industry didn’t make wedding dresses that interested or excited me.  Sure, they look awesome on other people.  I swoon at photos of brides in their dresses but I could not picture myself in any of them. The thought of dress shopping made my stomach turn.

Being uninspired by wedding dresses made me feel unbridal- like an odd duck.  “The Dress” seemed to be a really big thing to everyone (hellloooo there is a whole show about saying “Yes” to it) and I felt a weeee bit guilty that I just wasn’t feeling it- any of it.

A little voice in the back of my head said, “Bridal Fraud“.


To quiet the voice in my head,  I busied myself with wedding details that excited me.  I played around with Save the Date ideas, gathered flower inspiration, hunted for turquoise shoes, drooled over birdcage veils, and searched for – all the while ignoring the dress.  I decided that  I would have a simple dress made and that is the answer I gave when people  inquired.

Actually I am looking into having one made. *grin*


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