You mean my dress can be SHORT?

December 29, 2009 at 9:19 am 3 comments

We’ve talked about my feelings of “Bride FAIL” when initially looking at wedding dresses. I told you that I felt little better when I found sleek modern build-it-yourself dresses.  But I’ve gotta admit I still felt like a bridal fraud because it was the God’s-honest-truth that I could still care less about the dress- not just the process of shopping for the dress- I could care less about THE DRESS.

I don’t like wedding dresses. There I said it. Please don’t disown me… I love every other aspect of wedding planning – I even like wedding dresses on other people.   But when I look at wedding dresses for me all I felt “Mehh”.

I was conflicted. I knew I wanted to be a bride with a white wedding dress, but really I just wished that my fairy godmother would say” Pretzel, here you go- this is your dress, wear it and be bridal”.


Sigh…  I promise there is a happy ending to this predicament.   Remember, I was content (although not inspired) with ordering an Olivia Luca dress.  I pushed dresses out of my Pretzel brain and moved on to more fun things like venue, food, and DIY projects.  I guess my fairy godmother works on her own schedule.

I was click-click-clicking through wedding blogs gathering inspiration when my mouse hovered on a link. “Rock ‘n Roll Bride” it beckened.  “Ohhh…. Pretzel loves Rock ‘n Roll” I thought.  I clicked the link and nearly fell of my chair.

Filling my screen was photos from a wedding where the bride wore a white, tea length, 1950’s style party dress by Stephanie James Couture . *Swoon.*  The Rustic Railroad styled wedding quickly went into my bookmarked inspiration.

My brain started cranking. “Wedding Dresses can be short?” I pondered.  All of my dislikes of wedding dresses melted away and it dawned on me.  I really just didn’t want a long wedding dress.  I didn’t want to worry about tripping, people carrying my dress around or bustling.   I really wanted my kick a$$ shoes to show, and I wanted to be able to twirl around like a little girl and watch my dress flutter.  I was geeking on the 1950’s vibe, remember Mama Pretzel thought I was born in the wrong era.  This was just all too perfect.

A couple days later Rock ‘n Roll bride featured another Stephanie James Couture bride (Infused) and it was too much for this Pretzel to handle. I clicked on the link and dove head first into a hunt for the perfect Pretzel wedding dress.  For the first time- I did not feel like a wedding dress fraud.

Did I find my wedding dress? We’ll see as this saga continues. For now let me leave you with some images of dresses by the amazing Stephanie James Couture.







Are you a “short dress bride”?  What were your reasons for ditching the long dress?


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