Mr Pretzel’s DIY Groomsmen Invites

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Mr Pretzel…

He is my Lego-obsessed, engagement ring-in-shoe wearing other half. He was the one who encouraged me to apply to become a Bee and he is a trooper with the DIY.  I suggest all sorts of DIY touches for the wedding and he jumps right on board.  He has great ideas and loves the Gocco.  We collaborated on our Save the Date design successfully, but he can also be a little competitive about some of the wedding stuff.

He thinks I got a little carried away with my bridesmaids’ invitations.   Before I sent out my custom hankie bridesmaid invites his plan was to make a slightly random phone call to his friends & brothers asking them to be in our wedding.  After seeing my invites, he decided to step up his game. Here’s how it all went down- as narrated by Mr ‘zel:

A package arrives at your door.

“What’s this? I wasn’t expecting anything, was I?” “No, no ‘My Little Pony’ collectibles from eBay this week…”

You open the package. Nothing but shredded brown paper, the same stuff the package was wrapped in. Odd.

You dig into the box.

“A pint glass? Oh sweet Moses! Wait. There’s no beer.  What the H-E-double-hockey-sticks?  What is this- a business card?”

“Is one of my friends opening a brewery??

Wha?!? I’m supposed to call this number?  This is some real Humphrey Bogart sh!t. Oh man, I really hope one of my friends is opening a brewery.

Ring, ring… and it goes to voice mail.

“Hey it’s Mr. Pretzel, or P, or P-Dizzle or whatever. It doesn’t matter what you call me but I would be honored if you would stand up for me at my wedding next summer. The ceremony and everything will be in Seattle and the pint glass is from the brewery next to the reception venue, just a little way to say thank you in advance. So leave me a message… and say you’ll do it!”

They all said yes.

Mr Pretzel, I hereby give you mad props for creativity, uniqueness, and integrating three awesome movie quotes into one invite. I am so happy that my Groom is so willing to get creative and I like that he’s being a little competitive about it.  Bring it on Mr Pretzel, bring it on!

Did your man do anything special to ask his groomsmen to be in the wedding?  Is your FI competitive about anything wedding related? Bonus points if you can identify the three movie references.

P.S. Mr Pretzel has his own Weddingbee account and he pokes his head in now and then. Please feel free to PM him if you want the Pretzel Groom’s perspective on anything.

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