Dressing the Dudes: Snappy Suspenders

January 14, 2010 at 4:00 pm Leave a comment

So far we’ve looked at custom Chucks, and vested Groomsmen. Our two Ushers are characters and deserve fitting attire.  Usher B and C work with Mr Pretzel and I. Of all the wedding party, they showed the most interest in their attire- even more than the bridesmaids!

One morning I stopped by their desks (Mr P was not present)  and they both informed me that they both wanted to wear pink. They had heard from Mr P that one of our colors was pink.  They were prepared to thumb wrestle for the color.

“I declare a thumb war” Source

I had to break the news that pink wasn’t really an option for them, since my father was wearing it and so was one of the Groomsmen.  “Purple, then” they said.  “Sigh… Purple isn’t one of the colors,” I explained.  I showed them the color swatches and they studied them carefully.  Together they decided that they should compliment each other so green and orange was their choice. Crack.me.up!

They then started asking lots of questions about what Mr Pretzel was wearing and what the Groomsmen were wearing. After hearing about the vests, they informed me that they should wear suspenders, you know, to set them apart from the Groomsmen. “OK,” I said.  It worked and I was pretty impressed.  Usher C then started to joke about wearing suspenders and pants sans shirt.  Oh my, these are the boys I am used to.

When Mr Pretzel came by the desk area and the guys informed him of their wardrobe he got a little irritated with me. He assumed that I instigated the conversation and made all of these decisions without him.  After a couple minutes of listening to the guys discuss their attire he quickly realized that our Ushers had initiated the conversation and there was apparently no stopping them, his irritation melted away.

Mr Pretzel and I will take Ushers B an C to the “tall boy” store to find some modern fit grey pants…


Paired with a white French cuff shirt…


Strapped with suspenders…


and don’t forget the Lego Cuff links

When it comes to ties, our Ushers pose a problem for us.  They are both over 6’3″ and according to them, require extra long ties.  Dessy doesn’t make extra long ties.  I had visions of the guys with suspenders and ties barely making it to their belly buttons. Sigh. Then I had a great idea about having them wear bow ties.

Matte Satin Bow Tie by Dessy

Bow ties with suspenders- cute!  Ummm no, that though lasted as long as it took Mr Pretzel to remind me that the probability of Usher B or C (mostly C) removing a shirt a la Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley on SNL increased exponentially with bow ties- suspenders were tempting enough.


Ughhhh… straight ties it is- those tall boys will just have to learn how to tie them long with very little tail.

Matte Satin Ties from Dessy

We aren’t entirely sure that straight ties will prevent our Ushers from going shirtless.  When I retold this story to my Mom she said, “Well not at the ceremony! At the reception it would be OK, but not at the ceremony.”  REALLY Mom? Funniest quote ever!

Oh speaking of good quotes, I recently told Bridesmaid H that I had good news about the bridesmaid dresses. She replied, “They turned into pants?” Lol…

Anyone else worried about bridal party members staying clothed? No? Just me?

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