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…Or how laziness will get you a full mane of hair, Pretzel style.
Last week I was feeling a little saucy, so I did something crazy. I wore my hair down.
I even rocked my Pretzel “knot” when he proposed
No joke, you see my hair is almost perpetually in a messy bun (from hence dubbed “Pretzel Knot”) and I wore it down, styled even. It freaked people out. Nobody had realized how long it had gotten, and I admit I hadn’t noticed either.  I think it is, perhaps, the longest it has ever been.  I proudly announced this fact and Mr Pretzel looked at me and asked “Really? Are you sure?”  I took that as a challenge and dug out all the old photos in my possession.   After a humorous walk down memory lane I came to a conclusion. When it comes to hair I am lazy. Let’s rewind about 22 years.

1987- I’m 10 and I got the dreaded Dorthy Hammel cut. This marks the end of my mom having control over my hair. Sure there was an ill-advised perm along the way but eventually I started to make good hair choices.  This also marks my first experience with the ease of short hair – something which will resurface later.
1992: I finally get to have long hair! After a gum-in-hair incident followed by Vaseline-in-hair incident my mom decided at age 3 that I couldn’t have long hair until I was more responsible, which apparently was when I was in Jr High.
1994: *Sigh* my hair develops natural wave/curl- just enough to be annoying and frizzy. But look- it’s still long.
1995: Freshman yr of college I decide to try “the Rachel” (think Jennifer Aniston first season of Friends) and I’ve discovered hair dye.

1996-1997: I get bold and try being a redhead. Boy was there was a lot of red and it continued into 1997 when it got longer. That was one interesting football game I was watching there.
1998: Nothing like a the end of a relationship to make a girl chop her locks off.  I loved my liberating short hair, especially when visiting Miss Nachos DW location in St Thomas.

1999-2000: I started to grow out my short hair but wavy hair doesn’t really like the “in between stage”  so I resorted to hair twists and bandannas.
2001: Growing it out was too much of a hassle so I chopped it off again.
2002: I had the patience to get it to a chin length bob by grad school graduation- much to my mother’s delight.

2003-2005: They cycle of grow it out, chop it continues.  A monumental occasion in 2005- I see my natural hair color for the first time since 1996.

2006-2009: I’ve settled in to a ‘do that works for me, the bob, sometimes sleek, sometimes naturally curly, but always chin length.
And then my friends, Pretzel’s laziness sets in. In 2008 I have found Mr Pretzel and life has changed.  In fact, that last photo of me and my dad was taken in August 2008, just after I introduced him to Mr Pretzel.  Just weeks before I had gotten my hair cut.  That would be the last hair cut I would get for 13 months. No joke. I took 2 inches off in September 2009 and that’s it.
Was I planning to grow my hair out for the wedding? Nope.  Was I purposely growing it- No sir.  I was just plain lazy.   In August 2008 I had it cut in a  chin length bob and now it’s halfway down my back.   Wanna see?

Yep, that’s my hair in all its glory.  Though most of the time  it’s twisted in a Pretzel Knot.  My theory on my recent subconscious hair growth?
Mama Pretzel.   August 2008 is when I knew that Mr Pretzel would be the man I would marry and the last real haircut I’ve had.  Mama Pretzel had the longest, most beautiful hair on her wedding day and I think in the back of my mind I wanted to try to have hair as long as hers.  I don’t have plans to cut it before the wedding, and truth be told, I have no idea how I want to wear it.  *sigh*  But, you can bet I’ll be a candidate for a Post Wedding Chop (PWC) especially after looking at all these pictures of me w/ super short hair!
What is your hair strategy? Are you growing it out or keeping it short?


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