Retro Chic: Don’t Do What Pretzel Did

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Here is a recap on the Pretzel E-Photos:

A jam packed four and a half hours later we SHOULD be done… right?  Ummm nope.  We should have quit while we were ahead.  Remember the last picture from the Space Needle?  I was beat.

* All photos by Amore Studios unless otherwise noted

But we had these great ideas we had shared with our photog and he was caught up in all the fun too… we knew we should call it a day… but we didn’t.  Our e-shoot was supposed to be 2-3 hrs long and we blew that by an additional 2 hrs- mostly at our photog’s urging and I feel more than a little guilty about that.  Especially because the photos we took in that last half hour are by far my least favorite. We already had oodles of great pictures… but Mr Pretzel,  Bryan, and I were all hoping to get some graffiti pictures.  So we changed clothes into jeans, tees, and Chuck Taylors for one last session.

Pretzel Lesson # 1: More time does not equal more great photos

You will get tired. You will try things that if you were less tired would not have sounded like a good idea. Stop while you are ahead!  You need a visual? Ok… here it comes….

Both Mr Pretzel and I had brought a wide assortment of graphic tees with us, what did we do in our tired state? We both grab black “tatoo-ish” like shirts. yes, we became these people:

the dreaded matching shirt couple Source

The photography in these pictures is amazing, as is the graffiti, but all Mr Pretzel and I can see are our dorky matching outfits- which at the time totally seemed like a good idea.

Pretzel Lesson #2: Do not take photos when you are tired.
Period.  I was already tired and the energy in the photos from the last half hour of our session showed it.

Pretzel Lesson #3: Write down all of your E-photo ideas and prioritize them.

If you have a list of 3 or more ideas, be prepared to sacrifice some of them. Repeat after me “there will not be time to do all of them right”  When we met with our photog our ideas were as follows:

  • Photo with classic car – Success!
  • Pike Place Market- Success!
  • The Space Needle- Success!
  • Graffiti- FAIL

Pretzel Lesson #4: Even if you are skeptical- try it- at least for a few frames

Remember my apprehension about the gum wall?  We didn’t take many frames there but we did try it out. It actually turned out cool.

Pretzel Lesson #5: Pay attention to what your “comfort pose” is and try something totally different.

I realized that Mr Pretzel and I snuggle up all close when we were unsure what to do… or we would kiss. Seriously- we have soooo many smooching pictures.  I tried to spare you all of the PDA by weeding some of them out!  Also, we both noticed that Mr Pretzel avoids eye contact with the camera.  When we looked at our film we both agreed that we wished we had taken some pictures where we are standing far apart and that Mr Pretzel had looked at the camera more.

Pretzel Lesson #6: If you take awkward/funny/unflattering photos be sure to share them with all of your friends in the hive! On that note- here are some bloopers that we have titled: Tyra, is this ‘fierce’ or ‘I smell garbage’?

What lessons did you learn from engagement photos?

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Retro Chic: The Space Needle and Seattle Center You’re making me hoongry!

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