Midwest PAARRTY!

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Last month, Miss Snow posted a wonderfully informative graphic about weddings around the country.  I almost snorted coffee out my nose when I saw that Seattle was the 4th most expensive city to get married in.  Gulp!  Why you might ask did we decide to get married here when neither of us is from here? When we first started to talk about getting married I offered up the suggestion that we get married in Fort Wayne, Mr Pretzel’s home town.  He quickly vetoed the idea- because he didn’t want the stress of planning a wedding from across country. I have to admit that I let out a sigh of relief because I wanted to get married somewhere we both considered home, and at that point I had never even been to Fort Wayne.

The decision was made, Seattle is our home and Seattle it would be. However, when we started to compile a guest list we noticed a concerning trend.

70%  of our guest list is a plane ride away. After an informal poll of our families we made another concerning discovery.  While a good percentage of my family will be coming to Seattle, we estimated that only 10% of Mr Pretzel’s family would be celebrating with us.

Insert big sad face.

We combed through our 345 person guest list and estimated that we would have approximately 150 guests at our wedding.  While that news is good for the wedding budget (remember Seattle is the 4th most expensive city to get married in) it was hard on the heart.  Mr Pretzel and I crunched the numbers, checked the calendar and made a decision.

Seattle Wedding and Reception  plus a Fort Wayne Party later.


I guess we could call it a hometown reception, but since it is only Mr Pretzel’s hometown I’ve affectionately dubbed it the “Midwest Party”.  We can not only expect Mr Pretzel’s ‘UGE family, but also our college friends, my Michigan family and even some of our friends in the South or East coast. YAY!

Another quick tally and we arrived at a 200 person estimate. Whoa- that’s a party! Thank goodness Fort Wayne is much more affordable than Seattle.  Mr Pretzel and I are footing a good portion of the Midwest Party bill, so we instantly started thinking of ways to keep the cost manageable.  We decided to have the reception in November,  months after our wedding so we could continue to save money.  We’ll continue doing lots of DIY and I am looking to re-purpose a lot of our wedding elements at the party.

Over the Christmas break we started to plan our MW Party. I’ll be featuring some of the party elements in upcoming posts.

I get a little warm inside when I look at the numbers and realize that these two celebrations will enable us to celebrate with a very large percentage of the people who are near and dear to us.

Are you having a hometown reception? Do you have any cost saving tips that you can share? 🙂


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Seattle Meet ‘n’ Greet Seattle Meet ‘n’ Greet Tonight!

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