Mr Pretzel’s List of Demands

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Back in October I was reading my daily dose of Wedding Interwebs I read this post by the Unbride’s husband.  Any time I read a blog where the fiancé/husband was very involved in planning, or when the unique elements of the wedding would “speak” to Mr Pretzel I e-mail it to him.  Mr Pretzel is in love with the Rock ‘n’ Roll bride, is convinced that Grooms Groove is written by women pretending to be men, and overall thinks it’s silly for the Mr to hand all wedding planning to the Miss and just “show up” at the wedding.

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Even though  he was already super involved in our planning, I wanted to get a glimpse into what he really was hoping for. So I sent him the following e-mail:

From Miss Pretzel to Mr Pretzel


Subject: Please do this … cause I lub you

Basically even though we are knee-deep in planning- please put together your list of demands.  This will help me be more sensitive to your wishes and not steam roll you… cause if it is important to you, it’s important to me.

Love you!

Miss Pretzel

As sometimes happens with e-mails sent Mr Pretzel that require him to do something, it sat in his inbox until he had formulated his list.  I had already forgotten about it so imagine my surprise when I opened my Gmail this weekend and found the following e-mail. (my reaction to each is in italics)

From Mr Pretzel to Miss Pretzel


Subject: Re: Please do this … cause I lub you

Order is not indicative of importance…

1. Do I have to shave, completely? At the same time, I don’t want to look like a scrub in pictures. I’m so conflicted… (whatever makes you happy babe, I like you scruffy and clean)
2. Can I wear a three piece suit that doesn’t look like what I think of when I think of a 3 piece suit? (in theory YES! Let’s work on the actual execution so it fits with the rest of the wedding)
3. I don’t want said suit to be terribly expensive… (AMEN!)
4. We should have a band. (Duh) But I want to pick a band that will make it a better party, not the cheapest band or the best sounding… (I agree!)
5. I really like short veils. (me too babe)
6. I may need a pair of Ray-Bans for our wedding day. Just saying… (haha! Ok  I really need expensive under-things that nobody will see- so I guess we’re even)
7. I’m really happy your wedding dress has blue in it! 😀 (me too!)
8. I’m also really happy about the custom-dyed Chucks. (Me to- provided we ever get it to work out)
9. I think the ushers should have custom-dyed suspenders to match their ties/shoes. (Stress meter going up slightly but if you handle it and we have black ones as back up knock yourself out!)
10. Have I mentioned that I like short veils? (Oh you are too funny)

Love you too,

Mr Pretzel

This e-mail cracked me up for many reasons- one of which being Mr Pretzel sent it on the day that my Mom and I went Veil shopping.  More about the great Veil debate of 2010 coming up.  The other reason is that he kept the e-mail since October and put a lot of thought into his list.  So far my favorite part of wedding planning has to be working with Mr Pretzel on the details.

How is your FI involved in your wedding planning? What elements were of particular importance to him?

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