I Covet Ribbons, Lanterns and Milk Glass

February 8, 2010 at 4:15 pm Leave a comment

When I started to pull together my vision of our centerpieces I had three distinct elements in mind.  It took a little time for these to gel into a integrated idea.

Like Miss Pencils, I’ve got a hankering to use ribbon on our tables.  I blame credit Martha in all her wonderfulness.  I saw this image in Martha Stewart Weddings and knew I must create a lattice out of ribbon.  Thanks Martha.

Martha Stewart Weddings

Being the budget conscious gal that I am, I also remembered reading that using bud vases on your tables is a good way to keep the cost low.  I’m hoping to use Dahlia’s at our Seattle reception and handmade tissue paper flowers in Fort Wayne so bud vases would be the perfect way to display 2-3 beautiful blooms.   Following Jessica’s wedding over at The Budget Savvy Bride is where I first spotted milk glass bud vases.  The crisp white was a clean contrast to colorful flowers and reusing vases seemed pretty earth friendly to me.  Checking in at my local St Vincent De Paul’s I found a wide assortment of milk glass ranging from $.60 to $1.50.  I quickly filed Milk glass away as a great budget saving option.

Source: The Budget Savvy Bride’s wedding

Source: Peter and Dianna’s Wedding on TBSB

The third element? Paper lanterns.  I love me some paper lanterns. L-O-V-E.  I already had filed these splashes of color away for reception decor and church decorations when Mrs Frenchie posted images from Head of the Table that made me stop dead in my tracks.



Umm… yes, I would like me some of that- with a side of ribbon and a tall glass of milk glass. Kay, thanks.

Suddenly I had an image of what our centerpieces would look like. The best part? I could easily reuse them at our Midwest Party and make them that much more affordable.  Ok, Ok, they are pretty darn affordable right now- under $12 per centerpiece.  Here is a quick picture of what I envision them looking like.

Style A uses fresh dahlia’s for our Seattle reception. Style B uses tissue paper flowers for the Midwest Party in November (when bright colorful flowers will be out of season). I love the different textures that this mix incorporates.

But would it work in real life?  I took the opportunity when Mr Pretzel and I were visiting his family over Christmas to work with my FMIL to create a mock-up. I discovered that the mini lantern holds a battery operated tea light perfectly!  Needless to say I was pleased.

High Ho High ho… in search of ribbon and milk glass I go.

How did you piece together the elements of your tablescapes?  Did you find inspiration in pieces or all at once?


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