I think I need some facial hair…

February 14, 2010 at 4:00 pm Leave a comment

Really I do! You see I’ve got this thing for moustaches …



They might be “trendy”, “played out” or “soooo 2009” but I don’t give a flip. Repeat after me… “I.love.ridiculous. moustaches!”

Mr Pretzel can’t really grow a moustache, his facial hair is sparse and patchy, however, we can totally rock some mustache sticks for our reception photo booth.  I floated the idea and he loved it. We made a quick trip to JOANN’s and picked up the following:

  • Assorted colors of felt
  • Pre-cut dowels (painted with leftover acrylic paint)
  • Thick interfacing
  • Sharpies in different colors
  • Glue Gun

We poured some beer, turned on some tunes and started to assemble our moustaches (and lips).

Mr P concentrates on the task at hand

My favorite is the grey one. I can totally see my Future FIL sporting that one! Wanna see them in action?

“So, Miss Pretzel, do you have a template for making these?”

You betcha! Click the image below for a PDF template full of moustache wonderfulness.

It is as easy as stiffening some felt with interfacing and attaching a painted dowel. Happy Moustaching!

PS How freakin’ amazing are these pint glasses?  I may just have to get a set to do our beer toast with. Hummm….

Source: Bread and Badger


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