Gocco my Fork?

February 22, 2010 at 4:57 pm Leave a comment

If you remember, Mr P and I fell in love with the budget and eco conscious Ecoware wooden cutlery.  I didn’t think we could be more in love with our utensils… until my coworker sent me a link to these:

Source: Neiman Marcus

Yep, that is definitely personalized Ecoware – what a freakin’ fan-tab-u-lous idea!

How much does Neiman Marcus want for said cutlery?  $64.00 for twelve 3-piece sets.  Whoa… wait… that is $1.77 each piece!  Hummm… I think my trusty gocco and I could personalize my forks for… let’s see… zero dollars!  I can reserve small sections of my upcoming gocco screens (can you say invitation suite?!- YAY) to burn some sayings for our ecoware.

What will we say?  Since we are making these ourselves we aren’t limited to one saying.  I’d love to do a bunch of different sayings.  Here are the options that I have brainstormed so far.

  • Mr & Mr Pretzel
  • Hoppy in Love
  • Hoppy Ever After
  • Love on Tap
  • 100% Love by Volume
  • July XX, 2010

OK Weddingbee Hive, my creativity is “tapped out.” Can you lend a Pretzel a hand?  What do you think of the above options?  Can you think of any other “pretzel” appropriate sayings?


Entry filed under: DIY.

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