Hawaii Will Have to Wait

February 23, 2010 at 9:55 pm Leave a comment

Mr Pretzel was very clear about where we were he wanted to honeymoon.


Prior to moving to the West Coast, Hawaii seemed like a very far away place and very expensive.  When I moved here I was astonished how frequently West Coasters will vacation in Hawaii. It seems so close and yet neither Mr P or I have made the trip.   Mr Pretzel got the closest to going to Hawaii. Very early in our relationship he was planning a trip with friends. He even had the plane ticket.  Then their condo situation became “sketchy” and they all decided to cancel the trip.  He had a fully paid ticket and a year to use it.  Our relationship got more serious and I wasn’t in the position to take a Hawaii vacation because I didn’t have enough vacation time.  You will notice that my lack of vacation is quite a trend.

The year passed and Mr Pretzel’s airfare expired. *insert big sadface*  A number of months later when Mr Pretzel and I started to discuss our wedding he knew where we were going to go and I was in agreement.  However, my vacation bank had other ideas.

With a shower in Indiana, his brother’s wedding, our wedding, and our midwest party my vacation days were getting eaten up fast.  I pulled out the calendar and added up the days.  For a honeymoon, I could take 3 maybe 4 days of vacation.  We discussed if this would allow us to “do” Hawaii properly and we agreed that we would prefer to spend at least 7 days  in Hawaii.

There was another thing that was bothering us about Hawaii. Our wedding is in July, when the weather is absolutely beautiful in the Northwest.  We would rather escape to Hawaii in winter when the weather here is crappy.  It seemed like a waste to leave the beauty here.  So it was decided.  We would postpone our Honeymoon in Hawaii until Winter 2011 and do a local shorter mini-moon.

Have you postponed your honeymoon?  Are you planning a local mini-moon or stay-cation instead?


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