Dear Kohls…

March 22, 2010 at 9:10 pm Leave a comment

…you could learn something from Macys.

There I said it. You might be a staple department store in the Midwest and you may have great bargains (we got our groomsmen suits from you, remember?) but you are totally in the doghouse with the Pretzels at the current moment.

WTF is up with how you  indicate the gift giver on your packing materials?

Exhibit A

On first glance you would assume that the gift in this box came from Aunt Pretzel.  That made sense since another gift came the day before from Aunt Pretzel and she had told you that there were two pieces to the gift.  With both gifts accounted for I thought it was safe to write a nice Thank You note where I expounded on how cool the gift was and how I couldn’t wait to use it.  Sounds pretty safe until you look more closely at the packing slip.

Exhibit B

What is that fine print buried in the description? The gift is from MIL Pretzel?  Well crap.  The now-incorrect Thank You note was already in the mail.  I searched the box for some sort of gift card and there is none.  Really Kohls? This is how you include a gift message?  Nice.  Needless to say Macys has schooled you on gift cards.  Take notice of the gift card that was included with  a recent gift.

Exhibit C

It’s an actual card, in an actual envelope with a complete message and proper indication of the sender.  I’m not giving up on you Kohl,s but cut a bride some slack and make your gift messages more easy to read.  Thanks,

The Pretzels

PS: We love the Purdue Insulated Cooler Backpack that caused all these problems.  Can’t wait to take it to concerts and sporting events. We’ve since called MIL Pretzel and explained our snafu… new “Thank You” cards are on their way.


PPS: You do get brownie points for having “As Seen On TV” items. I was quite pleased to add these two items to our registry.



Have you had any wedding gift mix ups?  How did you handle them?


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