Pretzel and Mom Day O’ Fun

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You guys are the best! When I expressed my concerns about getting my Mom more involving and connected to the wedding planning you came through with lots of ideas.  amariem25 and others suggested veil or shoe shopping.  My mom’s ears had perked up at discussion of veils so i decided to pounce on this glimmer of interest and see if she would like to go shopping.  Veil shopping started what became my favorite day to date for wedding planning.  Let’s begin Pretzel and Mom’s day o’ fun.

Before we even set off for shopping some fun began. I like to call it the great veil war of 2010, Mr Pretzel vs Momma Pretzel.  You know how your vision can be upset by the introduction of a new item or idea? Well, in the weeks following up to our shopping excursion, I was kicking around the idea of a short double blusher veil instead of the birdcage veil that had been my vision from the start.  Mr Pretzel and Momma Pretzel took opposite sides and I was completely undecided.  He loves the birdcage and she loves the double blusher.   We had our work cut out for us when we set out for our local wedding dress boutique.

I made a “bee” line for the veils and armed Momma Pretzel with my digital camera.  Murphy stepped in as Momma Pretzel turned on the camera to snap the first picture. Gahhh! The batteries died.  My camera eats batteries like nobody’s business.  I fiddled with the settings, turning off the LCD preview and gave the camera back to mom.  If she snapped a photo super quick and then turned off the camera we might be able to capture the veils.  At this point we are giggling hysterically; half from the veils themselves, and half from the deer in headlights look I kept making waiting for the pictures to be taken.

The “Astronaut Veil”

I do not approve of  this “does this count as a veil it is so tiny” veil

The “poof” that would not stay down

Our stomachs hurt from the laughing when i tried on the much-anticipated short double blusher veil.  It had a very vintage look and I was excited to see it. Momma P was very hopeful as I put it on…

..and then all I could say was “first communion” which sent us into another fit of giggles. Momma P loved the detailing and thought it was still a contender.  That is until we tried on the medium length birdcage veil.

Cue music, lights, and ethereal music.  Momma P and I both loved this look.  She had crossed over to the birdcage camp but the $150 price tag wasn’t winning either of us over.  We decided to check out David’s Bridal and picked up some batteries for my now-dead camera.  I’m not sure how I convinced her to do it, but we picked out some bridesmaid dresses to try on for the heck of it. Momma P wouldn’t let me take her photo but I gotta tell you she has a cute figure and was totally rocking a cocktail dress.  Our shopping day came to a close when we spotted a medium length birdcage veil attached to a headband. Yes a headband- genius!  I didn’t buy it, but I took note of its construction to recreate on my own for a fraction of the price.

I love the flower and feathers. Momma P thought it was pretty snazzy too. We returned home where Mom asked me to teach her to make flowers for my bridesmaid bouquets.  We had some adult beverages and made flowers- a combination that could be disastrous if not closely supervised.

I knew the day was an utter success when I caught my mom reading one of my wedding magazines from cover to cover.  She had excitement in her voice as she told me ideas from articles.  This is my favorite wedding planning moment thus far.  We have more Pretzel and Mom Days O’ fun planned and I can’t thank you enough for all the wonderful ideas.  Pulling her into wedding planning wasn’t hard once I made the time and devoted a day to spending wedding time with Mom.

What has been your favorite moment in wedding planning?


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