Miles of Aisles

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Mr Pretzel just informed me that “Miles of Aisles” should have been the title of my last post about our multiple aisle dilemma.

*Sigh* Babe I love you… but where was this idea when I was I writing my post?

I couldn’t let such a genius title go to waste, perhaps it is time to share how we are going to decorate the “miles of aisles”.

For a short period of time I was enamored with pomanders… who wouldn’t be with beautiful images floating around the hive like Mrs Quiche’s island beauties.

Photo by Ashley Colhouer

My obsession with poms went like this:

Lets have Poms made of pretty real flowers…$$$$ booo.  I could use fake flowers… wait I spy something shiny…what’s that?  Martha-esque tissue paper poms? ohh paper… I love tissue paper… oh wait…it takes how many folded paper flower things per ball?  That’s going to be a lot of work…  *Sigh* I wish I could have colorful orbs of paper that require very little work and assembly.

*Insert light bulb directly above my Pretzel head*.    “Wait,  colorful… paper… orbs… lanterns!”  We are already incorporating lanterns for our centerpieces. Genius! Click, click, click and  I added a couple of different lantern sizes/colors to my shopping cart and clicked the purchase button.  While I waited for my trial material to arrive, I busied myself with finding inspiration photos. I, of course, am not the first bride to think of this easy aisle decoration and these images showed me I’m on the right track.

Mrs Cherry Blossom’s inspiration photo

Love the red and turquoise

Love that Sushi style! (photo by Frank Amodo)

With great examples like these, I had confidence when I tore into my ribbon and lanterns.  Of course we had to put our Pretzel stamp on this simple project. Mr Pretzel suggested that we  use a couple of the 9 inch lanterns but also make some clusters of the small 3.5 inch lanterns that we are using in our centerpieces.  He also nixed tying the ribbon in a bow.  “Too distracting from the lanterns,” he said.  Okay… if you feel strongly about no bows, no bows it is. Working with these requirements I came up with two versions.

Style A: 9 inch lantern with neck-tie-styled ribbon

These will hang on the aisle chairs of the first four rows.  They hang nicely over chair backs, but not so nice on the end of pews, which is why we created the second style.

Style B: 3.5 inch lantern cluster

The “assembly time” on this project is minimal. The cluster versions did take a little “figuring out” but I think I’ve perfected my method which I can share later.  Right now I’m just basking in the glory of a simple and easy to do project.  Did I mention economical? Yeah, it’s totally economical.  I think we’ll have some mini lanterns left over from this project and the centerpiece project. Yay!

Have you re-purposed supplies from one wedding project for a completely different project? Any ideas for additional uses for the mini-lanterns?


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