The “Wedding Room”

April 12, 2010 at 5:08 pm 1 comment

ssshhhhh! Don’t let Mr Pretzel hear you call it that.  To him it is still an office/guest bedroom, but between you and me it’s become the Wedding Room.

I noticed a fair amount of interest in the concept of a Wedding Room when I merely mentioned it in another post.  Let’s be honest, it was destine to be a Wedding Room from the start.  Right before Mr Pretzel and I got engaged we bought a house.  The guest bedroom was extremely empty, with just Mr Pretzel’s desk in it.  He and I both knew that it would remain empty like this until I moved in after the wedding.  As I started to accumulate wedding stuff (i.e. the boxes started arriving from my online shopping) I tried hard to keep all of it corralled at the duplex that I rent. Soon the boxes and Rubbermaid tubs of crafting supplies started to grow into an obstacle. Plus there was the problem that when I as at our townhouse I never had the supplies I needed to do a project.  Without a word, I started to move all the boxes over to our townhouse and up into the guest bedroom.


I’m the first to admit that there was absolutely no organization going on.  As I got packages in the mail I just dropped them in the “wedding room” in their original packaging. With every box I quietly dropped off, Mr P was getting increasingly anxious.  The room was a hot mess and I was the only person who understood the rhyme or reason to it, well sort of.  The straw that broke the camel’s back? I needed something and could not find it.  As I wadded knee deep in wedding “stuff” and dug through boxes Mr P stood at the door and said, “For the love of God, can we organize this?”.  Organize we did.  I’ve corralled, stacked, and labeled my wedding stash.  We set up a crafting space.  Recently, Mr P bought me a giant sticky flip chart so we could make a Master Wedding To-Do list.  It’s a little scary, but reassuring at the same time.  So, as long as you promise not to call it the “wedding room” (so Mr Pretzel feels better) I’ll take you on a tour.*

4507269065_54539f344a.jpgMy craft table and the wedding craft shelves. The mess in the lower right corner? That’s Mr P’s to recycle/shred pile

Close up of the organized shelf.  I spy: Flip flop basket, Mason jars, box of adhesives a la Miss Sewing, box or Ribbon a la Miss Ribbon, a Gocco and tons of supplies, and lots of colored tissue paper

Part I of the Master to-do list. More wedding stuff next to the shelves and Mr Pretzel’s desk.

Close up of the pile next to the shelf. I spy: Birdcage for cards, bouquet bases, milk glass, moustaches, curved wood lantern holders and many many more Pretzel projects.

Part II of the Master To-Do List

The “wedding gift closet.”  Mr P and I are waiting until our households are combined to start using our gifts.

Do you have a “wedding room” or “wedding closet”? What tips do you have for controlling the sprawl of wedding items?

*Please notice the wall color- not.our.cup.of.tea- too busy to paint walls yet, but trust me post wedding those walls will be a drastically different color.

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