My Rustic Wedding

April 19, 2010 at 12:11 pm Leave a comment

You know, the other wedding that I am planning in my head…the one with the barn and the straw bales covered with quilts.  As if I didn’t have enough planning to do for my real wedding, I just found a great inspiration for  overhead decorations.  Check out these mobiles made from  branches and a magnolia-like flower.

Yep, Mr Pretzel and I spied these at a nearby Church.  What you can’t see from the photo is that the branches each move separately. They move slowly and create a nice effect.  I was captivate through the whole Mass (bad Pretzel) by the magnolia-like flowers that were attached to the branches.  They were all different and looked to be molded or plastic like.

Half way through Mass Mr Pretzel leaned over and said “Balloons”.  The flowers are made out of balloons!  I was intrigued.  Look closer.

The petals seem to be large white balloons and the centers are small orange ones.  Genius! From the ground you totally couldn’t tell.  Can’t you imagine these in a rustic barn, hanging from the rafters?  Gahhh- I love it!

I looked online for any reference to making these sorts of flowers and couldn’t find much. I did find one reference, but without photos.  It sounds like all it takes is some balloons and floral wire.

Has anyone made these types of flowers? What kind of inspiration have your found for your “other wedding”?


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