Vacation Poor

April 24, 2010 at 3:08 pm Leave a comment

Mr Pretzel and I are equal in so many ways, but vacation balances is not one of them.  He is vacation rich, I am vacation poor.  Usually this isn’t a problem.  In the past I’ve had just enough vacation to join his family on vacation for a week, visit our relatives, etc.  I knew way back in September when her proposed that 2010 would be vacation heavy and I started to plan out our vacations.


I worked backwards from the wedding- setting aside a whole 2 weeks; one pre-wedding, one post-wedding.  We have a lot of guests flying in to Seattle the week before the wedding and Mr Pretzel and I really want to be able to spend time with them. Then I set aside some time to travel to my FBIL’s wedding.  At this point I was doing ok I had 1-2 days unallocated. My planning was paying off.

You know what they say about the best laid plans…

  1. When some Bee’s decided to go to Vegas, I was so tempted. I checked my calendar and saw that I had enough extra vacation days to join them. Yay! I swarmed Vegas with the others.
  2. Mr Pretzel’s family offered to throw me showers in Fort Wayne IN, so I had to “borrow” a day from the post-wedding time.
  3. Two months ago I got glorious news that Bridesmaid H was tying the knot in June in Vegas.  There is no way I would miss that, so another couple days come out of my post-wedding time off.

Last week my manager called me up and asked why I had requested more time off that I had in my vacation bank.




“What?” I had just finalized our Mini-moon plans (coming soon!) and I wanted the whole week prior to the wedding off as well as Monday through Wednesday after the wedding.  “What do you mean I am short?” Well short of vacation time, I’m definitely short in the vertical height arena.

6 hours. 6 effin’ hours.

I am 6 hours short of the vacation time needed to have a stress free week before and a mini-moon after the wedding.  I quickly turned into a tight pretzel knot of stress and frantically texted Mr Pretzel to tell him I might have to work 1 or 2 days the week before the wedding.  His answer was short and sweet. “No way- take unpaid time off”.  Oh.  That sounds simple and very practical.

My heart stopped racing and I talked with my manager about taking unpaid time off for the 6 hours that I am short.  “No problem” he said as I felt a huge weight lift off of my shoulders.

Later that day Mr Pretzel ran into my manager.  Pretzel Manager apologized to Mr P for making me take unpaid time off but Mr P just smiled and said. “That’s ok, but I wasn’t going to let her work the weekend before the wedding else she’ll be a giant stress ball.” Awe,  I love that how considerate he is.  He also promised not to work the week of the wedding either because he knows it would stress me out.  So immediately after the wedding my vacation balance will be a big fat goose egg (until I accrue more) and Mr Pretzel’s will be over 40 hrs.  *Sigh*  Its hard being the constraining factor on vacations.

Is your vacation balance constraining your honeymoon plans?  Did you decide to work the week leading up to the wedding or not?


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