The Murder of Rainbow Brite

May 3, 2010 at 12:50 pm Leave a comment

We’ve got color in our wedding, lots and lots of color.  Five official wedding colors to be exact. I’ve been sure to check in with Mr Pretzel on numerous occasions to make sure he is as happy with our bright color pallet as I am.

Every time, he sets my fears at ease and tells me that he loves the bright pops of color that we’ve incorporated into our wedding and he trusts my “color discretion”. *whew* However, I realized this weekend that that trust doesn’t extend to the decorating of our townhouse. *Uttt-Ohhh*

I had a bunch of girlfriends over for some fabric and paper flower crafting.  We were discussing the use of color in the Pretzel’s new house.  Mr Pretzel was making us homemade gourmet pizza (YUM) and overheard our conversation.  “But you wanna make the house look like the crime scene of Rainbow Brite’s murder”  he exclaimed.


Oh… ummm… yeah…probably guilty as charged.  Mr Pretzel and I love bright color but we really need to be careful with balance. Currently our townhouse has a lot of brown black and grey.  We have some green and orange accents but overall the townhouse looks like a bachelors pad.   When we registered at Macy’s we selected items that would provide a bright dash of color to offset all of the neutral colors.

Like Miss Frog, I have an Amazon registry.  I love the universal registry button and have added items from Anthropology, Urban Outfitters, Pampered Chef, Lowes, and a whole host of other online merchants.  I am resisting adding Etsy items, but soon may crumble.

Unlike our Macy’s registering where we did it together in the store, I’ve been adding things to the Amazon registry on my own and at my whim.  Usually I send a link to Mr Pretzel in IM for him to preview but sometimes I get a little carried away in my online shopping.  “Its going to look like the Murder of Rainbow Brite” rings in the back of my head and I have to go back later and second guess our registry items.

Having three separate registries (we have a Kohls one too) can make it hard to visualize what the sum of the items registered for will look like.  After Mr Pretzel’s Rainbow Bright comment this weekend I decided to pull items off of all three of our registries into inspiration boards. You know just to make sure we are creating a cohesive look. Mr Pretzel has veto power to exercise if he so wishes, but I’m actually pretty happy with what we have coming together.

Lets start in the kitchen because we love to cook:

Sources: Index Cutting Board Set; Le Creuset Mortar and Pestle; Herb Saver; Trifle Bowl; Fiesta Ware Salt and Pepper; Dish Towels; Spoon Rest; Cupcake carrier; Baking Dish; Le Creuset Salt Pig; Le Creuset Butter Bell; Pinch Bowls; Le Creuset Dutch Oven; Calphalon Unison Cookware

We love to entertain almost as much as we love to cook, let’s move to the dining room:

Source: Stemless wine glassesVera Place-mats; GlasswareHenckel Opus flatware; Table cloth; Place-mat & Napkin set; Fiestaware- Scarlet, Chocolate, Lemongrass, Peacock

I’ve refrained from too much color in the bedroom/bathrooms:

Source: Guest Bath Set, Guest Towels, Master Bath Set, Master Towels, Hotel Collection Bedding, Ripple Ruffle Throw, Round Pin-tuck Pillow, FRED Humidifier

Finally, some items for the living areas of the house:

Source: Bird bud vase; wall bottle opener; IU vs Purdue Print; ClockMarquee K; DeWalt Orbit Sander; Recycled “boom box”; Dyson Animal Ball Vacuum; Kate Spade Bud vase

Ok, there was one time where my color passion got our of control. Urban outfitters had a cute colorful chandelier which I quickly removed from our registry once Mr Pretzel IMed me “SERIOUSLY????!!!!???” Whoops.


I love the idea of registry inspiration boards and the flexibility of the Amazon registry but I better have Mr Pretzel check these over to make sure I’m not trying to slay Rainbow Brite in our house.

How are you ensuring a consistent vibe with your registry items?

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