Pretzel’s Big Day O’ Showers: Part I

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Delta made me feel right at home!

Greetings from 10,000 feet! Mr Pretzel and I are on a red-eye to the Midwest and I was pleasantly surprised that our plane has wi-fi. The first thing out of my mouth “ohh! I can catch up on blogging!”

We’re headed to Fort Wayne Indiana for Mr Pretzel’s brother/best man’s wedding to Bridesmaid S and I realized that just a month ago we were on a similar flight headed to what I affectionately call “Pretzel’s Big Day O’ Showers”.  Two separate showers thrown in one day became  a whirlwind of matching faces and names, bridal games, and all around exhausting fun.

First, I never even considered that Mr P’s family would want to throw me a shower, since we live 2,000 miles away. Second, not only did they want to shower me, they wanted two showers because, well let’s face it his family is HUGE and both sides of the family will not fit in any one house.  We settled on two showers in one day because of my vacation situation.

Last Month: Knitting and Beer

Last month I started our trip doing two things I love, Knitting and drinking yummy beer. I took a brief brake from my self induced knitting moratorium to knit Bridesmaid/FSIL M a baby hat and booties set. This trip we stopped at IKEA before heading to the airport to pick up glass jars for rehearsal dinner centerpieces (a Mr Pretzel project) and fabric for our Photobooth.

This Month: Ikea Glass Jars and Fabric

My first shower started bright and early at 10 am.  This shower was hosted by aunts from his father’s side.  I have to note that his dad is one of eleven children Oh MY!  I loved having a brunch shower and nom, nom, nommed on yummy breakfast scrambles.

Me and my shower hostesses.  (I am wearing the sash that Mr P made his brother wear the night before for FBIL Pretzel a bachelor party).

One thing that I had planned to do was bring name tags.  I have only met Mr Pretzel’s extended family at large events like his Sister’s wedding and Christmas (where there was a very large gathering) and I have to admit that I was getting my family members confused. I forgot the name tags, oh well!  Hopefully there won’t be a pop quiz *pretzel looks sheepish*.

I was pretty geeked out about those bag clips. But more important, check out that rockin’ headband made by the talented Mrs Star!

Bridesmaid S was a super trooper and took diligent notes for me at both showers.

I have to say that I appreciated that the shower hostesses reminded guests that we would be traveling by airplane. I had nightmares about having to ship gifts back to Washington, but they were for not- we were able to pack everything in the extra suitcase that we brought.

I had such a great time, but my absolute-hands-down-favorite part of the shower was talking with Mr Pretzel’s Grandma (the one who birthed all 11 children- talk about super trooper!).  The two times that I have met his Grandma I haven’t gotten to talk with her much.  She and I ended up chatting at length about our mutual love of  The Mentalist and NCIS (and our agreement that NCIS Los Angeles is sub par).  Apparently Grandma is a Simon Baker fan (I mean really, can you blame her).


Mr Pretzel had no idea that she watched these shows and he can’t wait to talk with his Grandma more about it this weekend. At the end of the shower she gave me a huge hug, held my hands and with moist eyes told me how happy she is that Mr Pretzel found such a wonderful woman to marry.  I’m getting choked up just writing it as Mr Pretzel did when I told him about it later.  I can’t wait to see her this weekend.

Whew!  We went back home to catch our breath before heading out to the next shower.

Coming up: We get retro!


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