Pretzel’s Big Day O’ Showers: Part II

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Whew! After my brunch shower with Mr P’s dad’s family I had a brief rest before going to my second shower of the day, a 1950’s themed shower with his Mom’s family.

Notice Bridesmaid M’s adorable pregnant belly! Amazingly she is 8 months pregnant in this photo.

I have to admit, I was a little nervous for this shower.  A few weeks earlier Mr P was opening mail and asked me a funny question. “Can I say that the first thing that attracted me to you was your boobs?”  The first thing out of my mouth was “NO!” followed by, “Why do you ask?”  He told me his aunt sent him a list of questions for him to answer before my shower.  I thought it over and told him to answer honestly.  So, I was walking into this shower knowing that there would be a shower game where Mr Pretzel may or may not have answered “her boobs”.

So, I tried to relax as I caught up with bridesmaid R and her sister CJ who had made the trip to Fort Wayne from Indianapolis.  Game time began and the first question out of the gate was “What would Mr P say first attracted him to you?”  I weighed my options and answered “my boobs”.  Everyone, including his Grandma had a good chuckle.

*WRONG*  Mr Pretzel actually answered that the first thing that attracted him to me was “the way I dressed and how I remembered things about him after only meeting him a few times”.

Waaaa Waaaa Waaaaaa.

Well played Mr P, well-played.   Never fear I embarrassed myself a couple more times during that game.  I had to fess up that Mr P calls me “Firstname-T-Rex” because I don’t chew my food so well- a fact he found out when I threw up in front of him… good times.  Despite my embarrassing admissions during the game I absolutely loved it.  Mr Pretzel’s aunt had found out all sorts of info about me such as my favorite candy (sour patch kids) and my least favorite (chocolate).  Questions right, I got rewards, questions wrong I got “penalties”.

I scored 6 boxes of these babies! Whooo Hoo!

I got a question wrong and got this- for my honey-do list.

As a result of my “boob” answer I got this movie… apparently Mr P and I have a lot to learn 🙂

When I correctly answered the location of our first date (a pizza joint/bar) we got this awesome pizza paddle.

I got a question wrong and I got this cute dish towel and scrubber for all the dishes I am going to have to do.

A lot of the gifts tied into the questions. It was so well thought out and really reflected an understanding of both myself and Mr Pretzel.  I loved this game.

In addition to the game, Matt’s Aunt had all the guests write advice for the bride on note cards.

The responses were very touching and Mr P and I want to figure out something to do with them.  Any ideas?

When the weekend was all said and done I was overwhelmed with the love from Mr Pretzel’s family.  While we walked away with a hefty stack of gift cards (we had to fly remember?) we were also blessed to receive some items off of our registry.

Some of our fiesta ware and bright table linens

And Bridesmaid R came through with a beautiful bride robe.  I can’t wait to wear this while getting ready on our wedding day.

This shower was an absolute blast. The theme was well executed.  I didn’t even care that I had perhaps embarrassed myself in front of his family. I was me and they got to know me (and my sense of humor) a little better. I never expected his family to throw me showers, but I am glad that they did. It helped me get to know them better and vice versa.

Any ideas what we can do with the marriage advice Mr P’s family so graciously documented on index cards? Were you faced with comical questions during a shower game?

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