Shhhh! Don’t tell Mr P!

June 22, 2010 at 12:26 pm Leave a comment

Mr P lurks around the ‘bee so it’s blasted hard to keep a secret from him.  Let me know if you see him and tell him to scram kay?  ‘Cause I really want to talk things that he-should-know-nothing-of.  Things like wedding night skivvies.

All this recent discussion of honeymoons has me thinking of what I will slip on when the dress comes off. There are so many ways you could go with it… playful, sexy, sassy, innocent, elegant.  Really any of those would work.  I figured that I would go shopping with Bridesmaid H and try on a wide range of under-things before finding the perfect wedding night ensemble.

Yeah I was wrong.

I was shopping with Momma P, saw it, needed it, bought it. Can you blame me?

In Bloom by Jonquil ‘Monique’ Gown

In Bloom by Jonquil ‘Bridal – Alise’ Long Robe

I went bridal white and elegant.

Not gonna lie, it was beyond strange to have my Mom there when I was picking it out but not as weird as it was when she tried to pay for it.  MOM! “I don’t wanna wear skivvies my Mom bought me!” She didn’t quite get it, her Mom bought her wedding night ensemble. “Oh” I said. “Thanks for the nice offer Ma but I think I’m going to pay for this one.”

Have you given much thought to what you’ll wear on your wedding night?  Anyone’s mom also try to buy lingerie?

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