We can’t do it alone

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Source: We’re also Star Wars kind of people.
Mr Pretzel and I are very “We can do” kind of people.  Our wedding planning has been very “we can do it” centered. Together we have planned, crafted, and toiled.  Outsiders look at he work and think its a burden but to us it is just more time we get to spend together strengthening the foundations of our relationship.

Through this time we’ve learned how to be creative together, to work through disagreements, and what the other looks like when the have mentally and physically hit a wall.  We also learned that it is good to lean on your support system, just like in marriage.  We’ve learned to invite people in to our planning and share some of the fun.  As the weeks have gotten shorter, we’ve been steadily checking things off our list and making memories along the way. But the time for us to be working on wedding details and projects is coming to a close.  Soon it will be that day, the one we’ve been working towards. Last year when we first started planning, Mr Pretzel in his ifinate wisdom made  a decree:

I wasn’t about to argue with him on this point.  I needed a day of coordinator… else I be a Pretzel knot of stress on our wedding day.

I’m not going to expound on our search or the pros and cons of a DOC.  The fact is, Bobbi Roth of  Bobbi Roth Wedding Design stood out immediately.  She was well recommended on the Seattle Weddingbee board and she instantly had enthusiasm about our wedding when we spoke.   Some of our ideas are a little kooky but Bobbi couldn’t wait to see them all come together.  We signed a contract and Mr Pretzel and my hearts were set at ease.
Bobbi Roth: Source
As our date has drew closer Bobbi has kept in contact with me.  She was the DOC  for my Weddingbee pal, TPHoliday.  Mr Pretzel and I got to see Bobbi in action at her wedding and we were impressed.  Even at that time, our wedding seemed so far away.  About a month ago Bobbi emailed me and asked me to start sending her photos and descriptions of all my DIY projects so she could start to prepare for our wedding.

ACK!  You mean I actually have to let go?! I was not so good about getting all the details together for Bobbi.  I had everything in my brain… but putting it on paper was daunting.    Not gonna lie, letting go has been hard.  Thankfully she has been patient with me.  I started to learn to cc her on my emails to my vendors, sending her photos of projects as we complete them, work with her on a timeline.  She is wonderful to work with, but I am fighting my inner battle with feelings with letting go of our DIY details.

But I am doing it.  A week and some change out from the wedding and I am starting to let go.  We have a great DOC and she’s going to take care of all the details we planned.  We did a walk-through of our church with Bobbi and Amore Studios.  We met at our venue with Bobbi and our catering company.  She had the right questions to ask and the right attention to detail.  Slowly I’m letting go of our wedding details and freeing my mind up for more important things. Thanks Bobbi!

If you are a super DIY-er/planner did you use a DOC?  Was it hard to let go of the details?

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