Playing Housewife Pt 1: The Details

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Two weeks before our wedding Mr Pretzel and I did something we don’t normally do, we took a break from wedding planning. Mr Pretzel went to Vegas for his bachelor party and I had a girls weekend with a Bridal Shower.

My MOH lives in Denver and wasn’t able to make the trip to Seattle (understandably) so she delegated my Seattle shower to the very willing Bridesmaid H.  Momma Pretzel wasn’t going to let Bridesmaid H do all the work herself (H was planning a June Vegas wedding) so together H and Momma Pretzel threw me a glorious shower.

My amazing hostesses!
I may have *ahem* helped plan my own shower. *pretzel looks guilty*  Ok, I flat out set the theme for the thing if you couldn’t tell from the above photo. I gave my Mom and Bridesmaid H one phrase to work with: Vintage Housewife.  Working with that information the two of them started to scheme and plan.

In May, my family and friends received an invite for a vintage housewife themed bridal shower.
“What you might ask is a 1950’s themed bridal shower?

Well Miss Pretzel has a soft spot in her heart for 1950s housewives- yes you read that right, vintage housewives.  Since she’s about to become a wife we thought it fitting to throw a shower fit for a 1950’s domestic goddess.  It’s no secret that Mr Pretzel is the master baker in the house, but picture Miss P taking cupcakes out of the oven in a twirly skirt, high heels, apron, and don’t forget the pearls.  Bust out your favorite apron and heels, and be ready to sip on cocktails (non-alcoholic available) and feast on a yummy brunch while we shower Miss Pretzel with love and advice (baking advice much appreciated!).

If you need some more images to visualize vintage housewives check these out:”

Images sources from top left to bottom right: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
This shower very special to me for one reason,  it was with “my people”.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Mr Pretzel’s family and appreciate the two showers that they threw for me but it really doesn’t take the place of being showered by my friends and family.  Most of my family is far away (Maine, Michigan, and Colorado) and it felt really important to have a shower in Seattle, with my mom and my friends.

The shower was held at the house I shared with my Mom. It started at 10 AM and included a yummy brunch. I dusted off my engagement photo dress for the occasion and tried to help my Mom in the kitchen but was kicked out.

Momma P and I got matching Aprons from Porches Place for the occasion. H’s apron is also from Porches Place.

Bridesmaid H and Momma P went with a Tiffany blue and white theme.

What would a vintage housewife be without her wine glass?
These 1950s looking brides and grooms topped yummy cupcakes (frosted with a Pretzel family recipe).

Quintessential 1950’s party beverage? Punch!
Momma P was very proud of the heart shaped ice cubes (with fruit!)

yummm cheese!
Any excuse to wear these heels!
H and Momma P borrowed my mini’s for decoration.
The guest list was a mash-up of friends from different areas of Mr P and my life in Seattle.

R is married to a work friend of ours, H and I worked together at a former job. A and P are knitting friends.

C (who graciously took all the photos for my shower) is married to a work friend of mine (but doesn’t know R).

You might recognize W in the upper left as my glasses rockin’ bridol. CH and S are co-workers.

It was amazing how well everyone meshed together.
Next up, the dreaded bridal shower games. Stay tuned!

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