Playing Housewife Pt 2: Game Time

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Bridesmaid H and Momma P made sure our bellies were full of brunch ‘n’ punch before they busted out the shower games.  I have to admit, my experience with shower games is pretty limited.  For some reason I am usually unable to attend the bridal shower and I just send a gift with my well wishes.  My Fort Wayne showers featured pen and paper games focused on getting to know me better… the first game Bridesmaid H introduced involved another kind of paper.


Toilet Paper!

Fun Pretzel Fact: after grad school I worked for a major US producer of toilet paper, or as they call it in the industry- “bath tissue”  I even worked at a TP manufacturing facility which is where I met Bridesmaid H – perhaps that is what inspired her to put this game on the agenda.

I wasn’t too sure how I felt about this game at first. I had heard about it and I had an overall negative impression of the game- something akin to torture. But Bridesmaid H had such enthusiasm I set my skepticism aside. She divided us into teams. Team P would decorate me (oh joy!) and Team S would decorate my friend S.

My fears about the game were assuaged. There was so much giggling and everyone got very serious about their designs.

Team P created a short (SHORT!) dress for me, complete with a bodice wrapped Thai style. W showed us how Thai wedding dresses have a sash.

S’s dress was very indie bride with a hippie headband, short train and bustle… OMG look at the bustle! S had fun, she’s just rockin’ her model fierce face here… I promise… really she did.

In the end, it was decided that my dress wouldn’t be church appropriate with its Las Vegas length hemline. Team S’s design took the prize.

I think Bridesmaid H got her inspiration from the toiletry aisle at the drug store.  The main ingredient in the next game? Two large bags of these:


H was really excited about this next game, declaring it the” BEST bridal shower game ever”!  Is there such a thing?  Yes, yes there is…  I agree with H now- best shower game ever!

Here is the premise.  You fill a bowl with cotton balls. Place it on a surface in front of the victim *errr I mean participant* with a second empty bowl next to it.  Blindfold the victim and let her feel where the bowls are placed.  Then hand her a kitchen spoon (the flatter the better).  The objective: using only the spoon transfer as many cotton balls from bowl A to bowl B.

Where is the sport you might ask… what isn’t apparent is that because the cotton balls are so light it is virtually impossible to feel when you have a cotton ball on your spoon. See the bottom photo below. I totally think that i have a cotton ball on my spoon but I don’t.

Since I was the first to go I went with the general scoop and transfer method… Which yielded a whooping 5 cotton balls in bowl B.  Pretzel FAIL!

As each guest took a turn the technique morphed a little as everyone learned from the people who went before. Momma Pretzel ended up with the most cotton balls on the floor- hands down!  These photos capture perfectly the fun that everyone had.

By the time W went she had come up with a game plan, shovel in the general direction of Bowl B.  It worked! Bowl B ended up on the floor but didn’t lose any cotton balls.

W for the WIN!   S and W each got aprons from Porches Place. S for being a good sport in the TP game and W for dominating the cotton ball game.

The two games were perfect. We had one game that everyone was familiar with and one that was completely new to everyone. It was a good  way to get everyone mingling together and a good transition to opening gifts.  Gifts? Did I say gifts?  How many faces can Pretzel make while opening gifts?  The answer coming up next.

Need to catch up?

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