Lets Start Planning Again

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“You’re so * insert adjective {creative… craftydetail oriented crazy}!  What on earth are you going to do after the wedding and all the planning is done?”

Mr P and I got asked this question by virtually every person we knew who knew the effort and planning we were putting into our wedding.

“Plan our second wedding reception in Indiana,” we would answer.  Virtually 100% of the time we were greeted with *Blink… Blink…*


And then finally the person asking would shake his or her head and smile as if to say- “you guys are certifiable.”

Forty two days ago Mr P and I had the wedding and reception of our dreams.  We poured our hearts and creative juices into crafting a day that reflected us.  But only a small portion of the people we hold near and dear were able to make the trip to Seattle (100 or so out of 340 invited guests) and we knew this would be the case.  We aren’t sad that only a third of our invited guests celebrated with us.  Wanna know why?

We are taking the party to them.

From the beginning we have planned on celebrating our marriage with our friends and family in the midwest.  We booked the second reception venue last Christmas.  We looked at menus and made tentative lists.   We tried to plan our decor for Seattle so it could be re-purposed at our 2nd reception.   But we didn’t really have the energy or focus to plan reception number deux while preparing for the wedding.  It seemed so far away (November) so we just put it off.

But now we are married, we are settling into married life and looking forward to November. This is where reality smacks me in the face.  We haven’t planned much anything for our second reception.  Now that the wedding dust has settled, I hate the idea of recreating our summery Seattle wedding in Indiana in November.  We are back at square one, knee deep in inspiration boards and color schemes. Its different now though. I am a Mrs and at night we come home to the same house instead of dividing our time between two houses. We’re struggling to combine two households into one home (OMG did we have a lot of stuff) and sometimes all I want to do is snuggle with my husband instead of pursue wedding blogs for inspiration.

Slowly we are getting back into planning mode.  The next few months are going to be a strange mix of posts on pre-wedding planning and details, wrestling with reception number two, and hopefully wedding recaps so I may at time appear schizophrenic. Hang with me hive!

Are you planning two receptions? Will they be similar or different?  If you are married, what did you do “after the wedding planning?”

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