Woot, Woot, FAIL

September 14, 2010 at 10:37 pm Leave a comment

I’m all for celebrating little victories.

First victory of the week! We’ve been married 65 days, give or take a few, and we are slowly making room for my crap… or as Mr P lovingly called it “our crap”.  The “stuff-that-needs-to-come-in-the-house-and-find-a-home” pile has gotten small enough to actually move it into the house. Woot Woot!  This small pile Piles in general causes me much anxiety (a whole post for another time) but I think I’m OK with our progress on the merging of two houses so far. Go team Pretzel!

The aforementioned pile and what is that I spy? Why yes that is a hideous ballroom dancing trophy… another post for another day.

Last week I realized we were under 80 days away from our second reception in Indiana.  Whoa…  I had a mini freak out moment when I realized that our invitations for this party needed to get in the mail by the end of September.   With the help of our amazing photographers (gosh I love them!) and from some “cows” I am halfway home on the invitations.

Like I said, little victories… Today in the mail I got the cutest moo postcards and mini cards.

I swoon!

That’s the start of some 2nd reception invitations there!  I couldn’t contain myself and had to mock-up an example.

Come on, I know what you  are thinking it and you are very observant.

“hummm… Pretzel, I hate to tell you but there is no info on your invitations”

I  tried real hard to outsource 100% our invitations but my trusty pal, “Loco the  Gocco”, was feeling a little forgotten and I felt guilty.  I couldn’t resist letting him get in on at least part of the invitation.   So now I just have to figure out what to print on the back.

Just as I am basking in the glory of progress on the “household merging” and the “invitation making” my eye catches sight of a major FAIL.  Did you see it in the photos above?

No? I’ll wait while you go back and look.

Need some help?

Apparently I would like to “Inroduce” you to Mr and Mrs Pretzel. GAHHHH!

Somebody *Pretzel points at herself* was so excited to order these postcards that she didn’t proofread the text.  I showed Mr P, who shook his head at me and rolled his eyes.  I  fixed the error and ordered more of that design (an additional $40 because of my lack of attention).

Two small victories and one major fail… I guess that means that I am +1 for the week so far, right? *Sigh*

Anyone else find a typo in their invitations?

*Confession, we actually had one in our 1st invites too… “Nuptal” instead of “Nuptial” but nobody noticed that we know of…

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“P” is for Prayer A Weekend Just For Us

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