Another Way to Say “YAY!”

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A month ago one our Ushers, we’ll call him “Big Bald”, got engaged and text messaged Mr P and I with the news.  My response, “YAY!”  My response to good news is almost always, “YAY!”

Found my car keys… “YAY!”

Friends are pregnant… “YAY!”

My Fantasy Football team didn’t suck this week, “YAY!”

So you might guess that my response to getting married would be “YAY!”  Like Mrs Lollipop & Mrs PChips we opted to have our guest wave YAY! Flags as we exited the church but unlike these two I decided to put my Silhouette Machine to work cutting our flags from paper.  You might ask why 4 months after our wedding I’m deciding to blog about this.  Quite frankly, I found some funny photos of the night I made our YAY flags and couldn’t resist sharing a tutorial of sorts.

Another Way to YAY in 10 short steps

Step 1:Paint a bunch of pre-cut dowels in your wedding colors

Step 2: Design your pennant in the Robo Master software. I used Pennant 1037 Shape from the Silhouette store and my trusty Cast Iron font from dafont.

Step 3: Print the design on your printer. Only the words and the registration marks will print.

Step 4: Cut on the Silhouette Machine. The machine has an optical eye that reads the registration marks on the page to align it perfectly and cut precisely. Carefully remove the cut out shapes.

Step 5: Go to happy hour with your future husband and your friend/usher Big Bald.  Have lots of drinks at the bar because Big Bald is leaving Washington and following his heart to Indiana.

Step 6: Bring the party home with everyone’s favorite cheap beer.

Big Bald is on the left, I am in the middle, and Mr P is on the right (Mickey’s is a stand-in because they were out of Miller Lite)

Step 7: Resume assembling YAY flags by adhering the tabs to the stick with glue (note- later run the tabs through the sewing machine for good measure)

Step 8: Have the following conversation:

Big Bald: What the heck is that

Mrs P: YAY flags for the wedding

Big Bald: I don’t get it

Mrs P: Instead of throwing rice or blowing bubbles when we leave the church guests will wave YAY flags

Big Bald: *Blink, Blink*

Step 9: Grab your camera quick to capture the moment the concept of YAY flags sets in.

Wait for it….

There it is!

Step 10:  Make sure the flags are cat approved.

“I think these will do just fine”

These photos have been sitting in a “to blog” folder since last May.  I couldn’t bring myself to write about them before the wedding because both Mr P and I were missing Big Bald.  He moved to Indiana in May but came back for the wedding in July.  We miss him a lot.

And the Flags?  I made about 70 flags and don’t have any left.  I’ve spotted a couple on display in the homes of our guests. I think it is safe to say they liked them.


Guest Photo- The flags lined our path exiting the church.

YAY flag’s biggest fan, my nephew “the boy”

And they also made it down to the reception as evidence from our photo booth.

(Photo booth photos from USnaps)

Big Bald was a good sport with all things related to our wedding. I hope he picked up some wedding planning tips and tricks hanging with the Pretzels because he and his fiance are tying the knot in the spring.  I plan to bring my own YAY flag just for him.

Are you going to “Yay”?  Paper or Fabric?

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