Here We Go Again: What to do at part deux?

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An alternative title for this post might be: “Sew much help!”

A couple of months ago I started to feel a little anxious about our hometown party.  What does one do at an “Its NOT a Wedding”  reception?  I think I clearly documented what I didn’t want (bouquet toss, cake cutting, first dance) but what did that leave?  Booze, food and dancing?  Would that be enough?  At first Mr Pretzel thought so.

Thankfully we knew another Bee couple who were having a hometown reception a month before us. This couple happened to be our all time favorite Bee couple (yes, I know it is not nice to have favorites), a couple we had never met but with who we felt a strong connection.  It all came together over the internets one night.

Mrs Pretzel: Babe, the Sewings invited us to their hometown reception in California. I wish we could go. It’s gonna be awesome.

Mr Pretzel: Why can’t we?

Mrs Pretzel: Seriously?

Mr Pretzel: Seriously.

*Pretzel fingers fly at keyboard to search airfare from SEA to SFO*

Mrs Pretzel: That is CHEAP!

Mr Pretzel: DO IT! DO IT!

*click, click, click*

Mrs Pretzel: WOOT! WOOT!

*sends message to Mrs Sewing: “We’re coming!”*

*Mr and Mrs Pretzel do a celebratory dance around the kitchen*

Call us crazy, but we jumped at the opportunity and I am glad we did. We had the most lovely time at the Sew’s second reception and it helped us to see how second receptions flow.  I don’t want to spoil Mrs Sew’s recaps of her 2nd party but I can’t resist sharing some photos.

Mr P checks out the tea favors (he approves!)

While I found Pretzel appropriate buttons– W00T!

Mr P loves Pi(e)!

Nom, Nom, Nom

I was lucky at BINGO and walked away with a coveted Sewing chair cover/bag (with prize inside!)

We goofed off in the Faux-to Booth…

… and spent a little face time with the guest of honor!

In addition to finally meeting the Sews, stuffing ourselves with the yummiest Chinese food, and having an all around kick a$$ time- Mr Pretzel all of a sudden realized that we might want to plan something other than just booze, food and dancing.  Thank goodness! On our flight home we discussed some ideas an options.

  • Faux-to Booth- we loved our photo booth at our wedding and we want to bring the fun to the second party (plus we already have all the props!)
  • Instead of a bridal party table (most of my BM’s won’t be there) we’re having a long family table in the middle of the room for the newlyweds and immediate family. My immediate family won’t all be there so my dad and I invited his sisters (my aunts) and their husbands to sit with us.  I cannot wait!
  • Alongside our guest book we will have an album of our wedding photos for guests to peruse.
  • Addressing our guests.   Mr P and I are going to share a little bit about of big day, our favorite memories of the wedding and the things we have learned in our first four months of marriage.
  • Slide-show of wedding photos (set to music) during dinner and then looped on the flat screen tvs at he bar.
  • A newlywed-like game that elicits participation from our guests.
  • An anniversary dance.  Mr P and I will have to sit down when the DJ says “who has been married over 4 months?”

To me, this feels like the right balance of acknowledging the wedding while not trying to recreate it.  Call me a happy Pretzel!  Thanks to Mr and Mrs Sew for helping me get my husband’s head into planning party #2 and for the most amazing time!

Did you find inspiration for your wedding or wedding reception from attending someone else’s wedding/reception?  Anything the Pretzel’s might want to add to their part deux?

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