Here We Go Again: Linens ‘n’ Things

November 18, 2010 at 8:52 pm Leave a comment

One of the things I didn’t worry about at our Seattle reception was linens.  The bright accents of pink, orange, aqua, and green worked nicely with  (no cost!) white linens and our venue was so unique and pretty it didn’t need much.  The venue for our hometown reception is very nice, but its a banquet hall and thus it is a neutral space.  It’s style leans towards Art Deco, lots of grays and blacks with sleek lines.  This space doesn’t naturally lend itself to a rustic fall themed event.  Not without a little help anyways.

We decided to invest in colored linens to help set the mood.  Our guests will be seated at your standard round tables.  Instead of a bridal table (it’s not a wedding remember!) we will have a family table with our immediate family in the middle of the room.

Our floor-plan

Half of our guest tables will be draped in orange, the other half draped in goldenrod.

Our Centerpieces

Source for wood slice, other images personal

Our centerpieces will have silk flowers in the milk glass from our Seattle reception and a lighted small lantern in goldenrod, orange, brown or red. To add more light I made frosted canning jars (canning jar + spray-paint glass frosting)  that will hold a battery operated tea light.  All of this will sit on top of a wood slice.

With the family table being smack dab in the midst of the orange and goldenrod tables we wanted it to pop.  When I was looking for inspiration photos I found this image which Mr P went crazy for.


He wanted a turquoise family table.   I fell in love with Mrs Bear Cub’s long tables and burlap runners.  Lucky for me she was willing to sell me her burlap runners for a very good price!

I can’t wait to see the burlap on the bright turquoise!

Place cards for the family table

Logistically it makes sense to assign seating at the family table. I whipped these out on the silhouette to keep everyone in the right place.

In case there is any question who the new MR and MRS are, I also picked these up for the backs of our chairs.


I really think the colored linens will really pull the space together.  I didn’t even think about colored linens for our Seattle reception but I really enjoyed picking these out for the hometown reception. I can’t wait to see it all come together next week!

Are you going with basic white or adding color to your tables?

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