Here We Go Again:Rusticification of the Lounge

November 22, 2010 at 9:05 pm Leave a comment

When it comes to decorating our hometown reception it feels like I keep hitting the same wall.  Art Deco inspired styling vs the rustic autumn vibe we are striving for.  Lounge furniture was high on my list, and the price was reasonable so we went with it.  What can we do to rustic-ify this?


We will have 2 red chairs and a glass coffee table

Burlap, Burlap, Burlap!  I had a fair amount of left over burlap from the table runners.  I figure we can put a burlap square on the glass table.  I also had a vision of spreading some vintage quilts over the futon.

I have to admit time got away from me. Just last weekend I managed to whip up some burlap throw pillows with felt applique leaves.  While shopping on Sunday Mr P and I picked up a tan, red, and light blue quilt from a big box store.  Vintage? No, but it was less than $30 and will have to do.

Quilt and throw pillow

I made three pillows in total but since I had to ship them to Indiana I only stuffed one – my MIL has pillow forms for the other two waiting in Indiana.

These are really easy to make.  Cut the burlap 1″ larger than the pillow forms that you have.   I cut templates for the leaf shapes and cut them out of felt.

Next, sew the leaves to a burlap square using worsted weight yarn and a darning needle.

Place the right sides of the burlap together and machine sew 3 of the four sides in a U shape leaving 1/2 inch salvage.

Turn right side out and stuff with pillow form.  Turn the edges under an sew together the open end.

Result: throw pillow to help with the rustification of the lounge area! YAY!

Are you fighting the “vibe” of your reception venue?

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