5 Star Camping: Up, Up, and Away

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Its a new year!  I can’t think of a better way to start it off than to get crackin’ on recapping the amazing adventure Mr P and I had immediately following our wedding.  The weeks before and after our wedding were the most beautiful we had this summer.  We were so glad that we decided not to venture far and honeymooned in British Columbia.

After collapsing for exhaustion the night before we had to wake up early.

We bid adieu to our awesomely hip room at Hotel Max and rushed out our Nirvana clad door.

We had a sea plane to catch!  Mr P and decided that since our mini-moon (or as i call it, our mighty-moon) would be short on time (4 days 3 nights) we wouldn’t spare any luxury.  We were so glad that we did. But the only flight to our destination left at the butt crack of dawn and poor Mr P, tired from the wedding, had to navigate through Seattle while I fretted that we would be late checking in for our flight.

When we arrived at the Kenmore Air docks, there were heavy clouds and fog.  It was very much “hurry up and wait”- as all of the sea planes were grounded because of the cloud cover.  Sea Planes are fly by sight- so if the pilot can’t see, they can’t fly.  So we grabbed breakfast and amused ourselves with our Droids.

I believe Mr P has just changed his facebook status to married and posted this status:

That must have been some party last night because this morning I woke up married!

Our friends and family realized we were online and chastised us for internet-ing when we should be “being newlyweds”.  Its kinda hard to “be newlyweds” in a crowded sea plan waiting area, but hookay…

The dock dog was adorable, supervising everything

We were delayed a couple hours.  During that time they sent up a scout plane- a small 2 person plane- to assess if the cloud cover in the San Juan islands was breaking up enough to fly.  The initial report was “not yet”.  Since we were shamed from continuing to browse the internets on our phones, Mr P and I occupied ourselves by discussing the wedding and the reception. We compared notes and laughed about the wedding crashers, and the shirts-off-dance-off that our ushers had performed.   We twisted our wedding bands and I’ll be honest, got pretty bored.  Just when I thought this was the “worst beginning to a mighty-moon ever” a pilot approached.

“Are you the two going to Pender Harbour?” he asked.  “Yes” I eagerly replied.  “Would you be interested in being scouts with me?” he asked. “Does that mean we get to leave now?” I asked with hopeful eyes.  He had no sooner started to nod his head affirmatively and I jumped up and grabbed my bag- YES!   I had no idea what being a scout meant, but if it got us off the ground first I was all for it.  He led us over to a teeny tiny plane (Cassna 180) and explained that one of us could ride up front with him and one would ride in the “back seat” with our luggage.  Mr P was gracious and let me ride shotgun.

Our own personal plane!

The engine is pretty loud, so you have to wear earplugs. This limited Mr P and my communication to humorous sign language. So I’ll let the video do the talking.


Landing in Nanaimo

The flight took approximately two and a half hours.  We made one stop (in Nanaimo, BC) to check in with the Canadian Customs Office before ultimately landing in Pender Harbour, BC.

Approximate route image via Google Maps

Pender Harbour Docks

We waited for the resort’s shuttle to come pick us up.

“Best Start to a Honeymoon ever!”


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