5 Star Camping:Horsing Around

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The first night of our honeymoon I was nestled in the big comfy bed of our tent house sleeping soundly when I awoke to the sound of something crashing to the floor. Well, I only half woke up and immediately fell back asleep into a nightmare where I thought someone was breaking into our tent house. My dream seemed so real and all of a sudden I woke up with a start. Terrified I  shook Mr P awake.  No, nobody was trying to break into our tent house but the walls were shaking.  A big windstorm had brewed while we were asleep and was shaking the canvas walls of our tent.  When I realized what was happening I calmed down a bit (and hid under the covers).  The noise that had woken me up was a picture frame flying off the bathroom vanity when a gust of wind came through the open windows.  The previous evening had been warm so we had left a couple of windows open for a cross breeze… well breeze it did! I made Mr P get up and close the remaining open windows. What a wild way to wake up!

The night before we made a mental list of all the things that we didn’t pack for our honeymoon including books/magazines for lounging by the pool, a waterproof disposable camera, a basal thermometer (we practice NFP- big whoops!) and shoes for Kayaking (me).  We also quickly figured out that it would be really convenient to buy some bottled water and beer for our tent house.  So first thing we did was arrange to take a shuttle into town for some necessities but first breakfast!

I had the Rockwater Frittata (Tomato, spinach, field mushrooms and goat cheese with potatoes, served with toast and preserves – YUM)

Mr P had the omelet of the day.

And we were off!  After quite the shopping trip we headed out to the pool (via a walk along the rocks). It was still quite windy.

The pool deck created a wind break and we were able to enjoy the sun.  We even met a couple who was getting married later that evening.  They were relaxing poolside with the wedding party and we shared well wishes.  One of the great things about the resort was being able to retreat back to our tent house.  We got light salads for lunch and brought them back to eat.

I am obsessed with this golden beet salad.  We ate it almost every day we were there and got the recipe from the chef when we left. Unfortunately we lost the recipe when we returned home and despite emailing and calling the resort I haven’t been able to get the recipe again. *insert sad face*

I am so glad we bought a case of beer!

The highlight of our second day at Rockwater was the sunset horse ride that we took as part of our adventure package. I am afraid of horses, but i but my fears aside and had one of the most pleasant experiences.  Mr P was so encouraging.

Hey there horsey!

Mr P made it look easy

And cool.

Hey lookie there- I am on a horse!

On a horse- YES! Comfortable on a horse- heck no!

The scenery was great!

Exhausted (and a little sore) from the ride we had dinner in that night.

Did you forget any necessities on your honeymoon?  Anyone else out there afraid of horses?


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5 Star Camping: Ready, Set, Relax! So good to see you again!

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