5 Star Camping: Back to Reality

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But first, we had two more wonderful days at the resort.  After horse back riding the night before we had an early morning kayaking trip planned.  We could take two single kayak’s or what our kayak guide called “the divorce boat”.  Since I have never been kayaking we took the divorce boat or two person kayak.  Poor Mr P had to endure my “front seat driving” and my habit of becoming engrossed in our surroundings   and absent mindedly forgetting to paddle… what a trooper!  You’ll notice that the photos from our disposable camera have a vintage feel- I think this camera sat on the shelf too long but I am loving the effect.

Proof that i did paddle!

We pulled up at a local park and gave our legs a stretch by walking the shore.

We saw so much wildlife on our self guided little kayak trip which my disposable camera could catch- otters playing in the water and on the shore, a bald eagle perched in a tree, and jellyfish galore.

We were a little sore from both horseback riding and kayaking.  Thankfully I had foresight and had scheduled a couple’s massage in the Spa without walls at the resort.

The Rockwater at Secret Cove Spa Without Walls

This was Mr P’s first massage and I was hoping he would like it.  About 30 minutes into the hour I heard little snores coming from his side of the room- oh good!  It wasn’t too long after that Mr P said he heard my breathing slow down to that distinctive “I fell asleep” rhythm. … I think we earned a little nappy nap time.

I got a little sad when I realized that this would be our last night in our little tent house.  We decided to have a sunset dinner and ordered dinner delivered to our tent house.


It couldn’t have been a more perfect evening.

As you can see, we really got into the in room dining.  We ate our last breakfast at the resort  in the tent house as we packed our bags. Even though we were checking out the that morning, our plane didn’t come to pick us up until late afternoon so we had the day to hang around the resort.

We saw this beautiful bald eagle perched just above our tent house.

Amazing Purple starfish on the shore

We said good bye to our little tent house at the Rockwater Secret Cove Resort.

We headed to the docks to wait for our Sea Plane back to civilization.

Surprise! It was the King 5 Evening Magazine Sea Plane!

We had a much larger plane for the trip home – sharing it with at least 8 other people, a big difference from our little three seater adventure on the way up.

Why hello Mount Rainier!

The staff at both Kenmore Air and the Rockwater Secret Cove were amazing.  The resort had three weddings during our stay (one every night) and we were able to watch the preparations for three very different nuptials. It was fun to watch the bride and groom getting ready for their big day- having only just days before been there ourselves.  I would suggest the resort as a destination wedding as well as a wonderful honeymoon location.  I’m really glad that Mr Pretzel and I were able to squeeze such a luxurious honeymoon into just three nights and four days.  If you are short on time it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the honeymoon experience.

In case you missed our 5 Star Camping Honeymoon:


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