Twisted Together: Take me out to the ball game

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One of the things that I love going to out of town weddings is getting to see a new city.  I especially enjoy when the bride and groom plan an event for the early arrivals, when everyone is relaxed and enjoying themselves.  Mr P and I love Seattle and we were very excited to share our city with our many friends and relatives who were visiting for our wedding.  We created a large list of activities around town so our guests could explore on their own and Thursday night we coordinated a night at the ball park.

Fun fact, did you know that Nintendo of America owns the Seattle Mariners? The stadium has a network for the Nintendo DS  where you can watch replays, browse stats, and order food from your seat.

Mr P loves baseball, but me, well I have been known to bring my knitting to the game. Knowing that Mr P and his family love baseball and that a large part of my family does too, I checked out the Mariners schedule to see if they were in town the week of our wedding.  When I saw that we were playing the New York Yankees it was decided- we were going to the game!  You see one of my uncles is a die-hard Yankees fan (the rest of us like the Red Sox).  The rest of my uncles would love to go to a Yankees game just to root against them and to give my uncle a hard time.  We bought 26 tickets and rounded up family and friends. The large group was broken up into rows of 12 and 13.  Mr P was better than me about skipping from seat to seat to talk to all of our guests.  I was too busy enjoying my new favorite ball park food; a bratwurst wrapped in a pretzel

nom nom nom… pretzel brat

Best Man M and Bridesmaid S

I spent a lot of time with Papa Pretzel.

Mr P’s family enjoyed the game

Tip: Look into buying group tickets of 25 or more for baseball games.  Purchasing as a group allowed us to buy our tickets before they went on sale to the public and we also were able to get our names on the scoreboard.

We caught up with Groomsman C and his now fiance

I had a great time hanging out with my uncles.  They had all arrived earlier in the day and it had been been 9 months since I had last seen them (just days after Mr P proposed).  I was telling them all about the rehearsal dinner on the beach the following evening when I let it slip that the rehearsal dinner was a dry event because the city parks do not allow alcohol on the beach. Uh-oh!  They instantly put their heads together and started to scheme about ways around this new information.  I love my uncles!

We were so happy to have this time before things got too hectic.  The following day was going to be a busy one.  I’ll leave you with my favorite photo(s) of the night.

This is what happens when you leave your camera at your seat for a beer run. The many faces of Usher C.

Are you planning a fun event for out-of-town guests?


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