Twisted Together:Rehearsal Dinner Part 1

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With the rehearsal behind us we were ready for food, friends and family.  As soon as I stepped on the sand at Golden Gardens park I felt all the stress from earlier in the day melt away. Can you blame me? It was beautiful!

*All photos by Jason Tang, friend and rocktographer, unless otherwise noted.

Guest Photo

If you remember, I had never been to the popular Seattle park which was the site of our rehearsal dinner.  Our catering company  had reserved a shelter and a number of picnic tables on our behalf.

When Mr P and I arrived most of our guests were already there so we quickly unloaded our decorations. We set out mason jars with wild flowers from our local CSA.  Each week last summer we would get a bouquet of flowers every Thursday with our CSA veggie and fruit boxes. The flowers came in quite handy as RD decoration- one large bouquet divided among 6 mason jars. We also set out Mr P’s personal DIY project, Moon Jars. I can’t find any photos of the moon jars in use at the RD, but we did reuse them in our hometown reception.

I checked in with Neil from Lake Street Catering and the food was almost ready.  All day I was looking forward our seafood boil.

Neil prepared a special meal for my cousin R who is highly allergic to seafood.  He went so far as to prep her meal (Caesar salad and baked pasta) in a separate kitchen.  I cannot say enough about Lake Street Catering and their stellar service and food.

When the food was cooked it was time to pour it out on a butcher paper covered table.  Bridesmaid H and I recruited Mr P’s Uncle to help us “catch” the food- i.e. make sure it didn’t roll off the table.

Lake City Catering prepared a seafood feast for us- crab legs, shrimp, scallops, fish, local andouille sausage, corn and red potatoes-along with fresh bread and Caesar salad.  The food was a hit, when I saw some family this past November they were still talking about the food at our rehearsal dinner.

Guest Photo

Before we all dug in I offered up a prayer and blessing over the food and the hands that prepared it.  Then it was time to eat!

Guess who was at the front of the line!  I was so busy eating busy seafood that I forgot to grab dessert- drunken warm berry shortcake (berries soaked in Grand Marnier).

Mr P was catching up with friends so after I finished my plate I made one plate for him.

See, I look more relaxed already!  Having good food at the rehearsal dinner was important to us, but not as much as spending time with friends and family.

Coming up next: Part 2 of the Rehearsal Dinner-Thanking our Peeps and hanging with friends and family.

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