Twisted Together: Primping

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When I see wedding recaps where the bride and groom have all morning to get ready at a leisurely pace I get a wee bit jealous. Late afternoon or evening weddings can set a nice relaxed vibe for the day.  Unfortunately I knew that this was never going to be the way that my wedding day went.  In some Catholic churches the latest that a Saturday wedding can start is around 1:30 or so. This is because the Church needs to be clear for confession and for Saturday vigil Mass in the evening.  Our wedding was scheduled for 1:30 so our day started with a 7am wakeup.

Good Morning Bridesmaid S!

After a quick stop at Starbucks for a giant Chai Tea Latte, Bridesmaid R, Bridesmaid S and I were off to the hair salon where we met up with Bridesmaid M, FMIL Pretzel, Mr P’s Grandma and Aunt S.  FMIL Pretzel thought ahead and had a breakfast brunch for us.

I munched on fruit and entertained myself on my droid while my hairdresser curled and pinned my hair.  After my “non-hair trial” I felt completely relaxed with my stylist and just enjoyed hanging with my bridesmaids.

Its amazing how putting on a veil makes you feel like a bride, even if you are wearing a tank top and sweats. In hindsight, I wish i had asked my stylist to add a few more bobby pins to secure my hair.  There was much jumping and dancing later in the evening and the extra hold would have been good.

Bridesmaids, M, S and R

After our hair was finished it was off to the Church for makeup.  Shannon from I Love Blush had done my makeup for engagement photos and I was excited for her to do my wedding day makeup.

I caught up on a little Weddingbee reading while my makeup was being applied. I even sent a scout over to Groom Headquarters to report back what my groom was up to.  She showed me this photo so I guess they were having a good time.

In the meantime, Mamma Pretzel and MOH Tig arrived with my niece and nephew and they brought FOOD!  I hadn’t even thought about what to feed the bridesmaids and groomsmen while we were at the Church- thank goodness Momma P and MOH Tig were prepared to feed an army.  They set up food in the library where the girls were getting ready and invited the groomsmen to come fetch some food for Mr P and themselves.

Best Man M shows how happy he is to eat

We waited to put my dress on until our photographers arrived.  I had a little bit of time to kill and noticed that the groomsmen and my niece and nephew had made a bit of a mess eating food.  I ducked out of the library,  found a volunteer cleaning the church and borrowed a vacuum. Nobody wanted to let me vacuum, but I pulled the bride card and insisted. Let me tell you, vacuuming was totally relaxing!

While my bridesmaid and mom had their makeup done I was anxiously waiting to get into my dress and have a first look with my soon-to-be husband.

Did you have a lot or a little bit of time for primping on your wedding day.  What was the strangest thing you did in your dress before the wedding?

Up next getting dressed!

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