Twisted Together: Getting Dressed

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Before our wedding day the only people who had seen my dress were Mr Pretzel, Mamma Pretzel, and Sue the seamstress.  I didn’t even share photos with you, dear hive.  I’m stingy, I know.  My knee-length dress was made of silk white dupioni silk with a Chantilly lace over turquoise satin midriff.  The dress design was selected by Mr Pretzel.  It had arrived months before the wedding  and required multiple “repairs” by my dress angel Sue.  On the day of our wedding the dress was in a word, heavenly.

*All photos by Amore Studios unless otherwise noted

I imagine that for brides with traditional long dresses, putting the dress on requires assistance from one or more people.  It was almost laughable how many “hands on deck” we had to help me get into my short dress. With the exception of slipping the dress over my head, it was a one Pretzel job.

First things first, i needed to slip into my crinoline.

Knowing that I would be dressing for a crowd  i had Sue extend the fabric top of the crinoline to make a modesty skirt.

I was glad to have my niece with us when we were getting ready.

Mamma Pretzel helps me into my dress

and zips me up

She makes sure everything is where it should be.

YAY! Pocket!

MOH Tig fixes Jr Bridesmaid “the girl”‘s hair

and helps me put on my pearl solitaire.

I put on my earrings

and  I feel like a bride

On the other side of the church, ironically in the “brides room”,  the guys were getting ready. Well a couple of the groomsmen had changed at home, so technically they were waiting for everyone else to get ready.

Groomsman B all ready to go

Groomsman M found out that the trumpeter had fell through, so he was warming up to play

Digging the lego cufflinks!

Groomsman V also came prepared

In the Brides room, Mr P’s boutineer had just been delivered.  He had insisted on a real flower boutineer and his groomsmen all sported crepe paper or fabric bouts that I had DIYed. He loved the orange calla lily bout our florist made up for him.

Best Man M helps Mr P pin his boutineer

The boutineers threw these smart guys for a curve ball.  I chuckle when I look at the series of photos documenting their struggle and can only make up a funny dialogue in my head.

The ushers: “How are you pinning it?”

“Humm, I think the pin should fit here”

“Maybe I can just hold it in place”

“no really, where does the pin go?”

“Two pins, ok, I think it’s going to stay put”

The Pretzels were ready for a first look and none too soon because I was dying to see my groom.

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