Twisted Together: Old, New, Borrowed, Lots of Blue

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Before we are off to meet my groom, I want to spend a post looking at all the little details that went into our wedding day attire.  I followed the tradition of old, new, borrowed and blue.

Something Old

My somethings old were a embroidered hanky from my grandmother and a pearl solitaire necklace that was my Mom’s college graduation gift from my grandparents.  Both items had been given to me previously so I didn’t consider them “borrowed.

Something New

My somethings new were a pair of pearl earrings from Janice Marie’s etsy shop , and the clutch that I made with fabric from my wedding dress.

Something Borrowed

The something borrowed had me stumped.  Bees have been known to lend items to other bees for something borrowed.  Soon after ordering my veil (birdcage with rhinestone accents) I happened to get my hands on a veil that has been around the Bee. The talented Mrs Sea Breeze made a beautiful birdcage veil for Mrs Cheese.  Cheese was stunning in the veil and she sent it to my fellow Seattle Bee Mrs Joey to wear in her yellow and grey wedding.  Mrs Joey gave the veil to me.  I ended up with two veils, one borrowed, and one with bling.  In the end I chose the one with bling and was no closer to finding my something borrowed.

My FMIL ended up being the person to give me my something borrowed.  Technically it is borrowed from Mr Pretzel.  She gave me the bonnet that he wore at his baptism.

Confused? I certainly was! But a little poem in the card revealed the real purpose of this gift.

The Magic Hanky

I’m just a little hanky, as square as square can be.
But with a stitch or two they make a bonnet out of me.
I’ll be worn from the hospital or on the baptism day.
Then I’ll be carefully pressed and neatly packed away.

For her wedding day, so we’ve been told,
Every well dressed bride must have that something old
So what could be more fitting than to find little old me.
A few stitches snipped, and a wedding hanky I’ll be.

And if perchance, it is a boy some day he’ll surely wed.
So to his bride, he can present the hanky
Once wore upon his head.


Preceding 3 photos are personal photo

Even though I already had my grandmother’s hanky I put Mr Pretzel’s hanky to good use.  I carefully snipped the stitches holding it in bonnet form and gave it to my florist to incorporate into my bouquet. It was wrapped around my bouquet with turquoise ribbon and secured with bright-colored pins.

Another fun detail was the Bee and Pretzel charm tucked into the bouquet.  I purchased these charms for myself when I was putting together a  wedding day care package for Mrs Pudding.  Mrs Pudding and I are date twins and even though we were getting married on opposite ends of the country we had little bee charms to connect us together.

Something Blue

For something blue I had many options.  In addition to turquoise midriff on my dress, the turquoise lining to my clutch and the ribbon wrapped around my bouquet I also had turquoise feathers in my DIY fascinator.

Personal Photo

Personal Photo

In addition, our rings came in lovely blue boxes. *swoon* Mr Pretzel insisted that our wedding bands matched but we found out that his band (the one that matched my engagement and wedding rings) had recently been discontinued. Oh no!  Thankfully there was one ring left in the US in Mr P’s size and we had it shipped to our local Tiffany & Co.

I know, I know, I’ve got blue galore! If you made me pick just one I would have to say that my favorite something blue were my wedding shoes.  These shoes are likely the most comfortable 3.5″ heels that I have ever wore.  They lasted me from 11 am until after the father daughter dance when I traded them in for some Chucks.

Looking through our wedding photos, I noticed that I wasn’t the only one who had lots of blue.  Mr Pretzel rocked a satin tie in Oasis.  His boutonniere was comprised of an orange calla lily, green orchid, and a pink celosia.  His cufflinks were blue Legos and his Chuck Taylors were custom dyed to match his tie.

Are you playing the old, new, borrowed, blue game? Which detail was the hardest for you to pin down?

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