Twisted Together: The Concluding Rites

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After receiving communion we were almost finished.  One element that Mr P and I wanted to include in our wedding was presentation of flowers to the Holy Family.  This tradition is an added element, not part of the normal Wedding Mass.  Traditionally the couple will bring the bride’s bouquet or a smaller special bouquet and lay it at the feet of a Statue of Mary.  Mr P and I chose to honor the Holy Family because we see the love of Mary and Joseph as a wonderful example of living God’s love.

*All photos are by Amore Studios unless otherwise noted.

As we left our seats and made our way across the church, Jeannette sang a beautiful rendition of Ave Maria.

Source: Sarah Brightman- Ave Maria-HQ

Our florist made us a small version of my bouquet for this tradition.

Image courtesy of wedding guest, Mrs Cherry Pie {Persimmon Images}

We lit a candle in prayer.  We asked the Lord to bless us and form us together in marriage and to send the Holy Spirit to comfort and guide us as we started our lives together. We asked that we might follow in the example of Mary and Joseph and bring honor to the Lord through our marriage.  We prayed for the souls of our loved ones who had passed on. I find praying with Mr P incredibly unitive and I am glad that we included this tradition in our wedding.

We returned to in front of the altar where our wedding party joined us.


We who have shared the food or your table
Pray for our friends Matthew and Amy
whom you have joined together in marriage.
Keep them close to you always.
May their love for each other
proclaim to all the world
their faith in you.
We ask this through Christ our Lord


Bow your heads and pray for God’s blessing.

May almighty God, with his Word of blessing, unite your hearts in the never ending bond of pure love, AMEN.

May your children bring you happiness, and may your generous love for them be returned to you many times over AMEN.

May the peace of Christ live always in your hearts and in your home.
May you have true friends to stand by you in both joy and in sorrow.
May you be ready and willing to help and comfort all who come to you in need,
and may the blessings promised to the compassionate
be yours in abundance. AMEN

May you find happiness and satisfaction in your work, may daily problems never cause you undue anxiety,
nor the desire for earthly possessions dominate your lives.
But may your hearts’ first desire always be the good things waiting for you in the life of heaven. AMEN

May the Lord bless you with many happy years together, so that you may enjoy the rewards of a good life,
And after you have served him loyally in his kingdom on earth,
May he welcome you to his eternal kingdom in heaven. AMEN

And may almighty God bless you all,
the Father, and the Son,  and the Holy Spirit. AMEN

Fr Jim then indicated that Mr Pretzel could kiss his bride. WOOT!

As we kissed, a trumpet sounded out as BIL M played our recessional, Rondeau.  Fun fact, public television fans will recognize the tune as the theme from Masterpiece Theatre.

Source: Trompete und Orgel: Jean Joseph Mouret, Rondeau aus der Premiere Suite de Fanfares

Together we exited as husband and wife, or Hu’bin” and “Wiff” as we like to call each other.

Because BIL M was playing trumpet, the remaining three Groomsmen had to take a bridesmaid on each arm.  Best Man M escorted SIL Tig and “the girl”.

Groomsman B escorted Bridesmaid H and Bridesmaid R.

Groomsman V escorted SILs S and M.

As our guests filed out of the church we were off in a side room making it legal!

This past weekend Mr P and I were at a wedding where the minister forgot to sign the marriage certificate. EEK!  Fr Jim didn’t leave us hanging, no sir, he signed that bad boy right away.

While we were signing our guests were enjoying a little snack in the narthex.  Come on, we had to reward them for sitting through a long Catholic wedding.

Image courtesy of wedding guest, Mrs Cherry Pie {Persimmon Images}

The weather was much warmer than normal so our guests really appreciated the personalized water bottles.

Image courtesy of wedding guest, Mrs Cherry Pie {Persimmon Images}

The chocolate covered pretzels were snatched up in an instant by the time we were getting ready to exit the church I was disappointed to see that they were all gone.  Our photographer managed to grab one to photograph later.

Our guests were properly hydrated and sugared by the time we made our exit. They had their Yay flags in hand and we were greeted with hoots and hollers.

YAY! As we neared the end of the walkway we were surrounded by friends and family.  Lots of hugs, kisses and congratulations were exchanged.  Our guest’s response to our wedding Mass was amazing.  Catholics and non-Catholics alike remarked on how personal and special the Mass was, how fun and festive it was, and how our personalities had shone through in all the elements.  The gentleman in the orange shirt above, a friend from work, remarked on how musical it all was.  “On sale in the lobby after the wedding, Mr & Mrs Pretzel the musical.”  We had a good chuckle about that and consider it all evidence of mission accomplished!

I was now a Mrs and couldn’t stop grinning like a fool.  My husband held my hand and we marveled how surrounded by love we felt.

What were your first feelings after your wedding ceremony?

Up next: Hop in the back of my truck!

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