Twisted Together: Jerry’s Truck

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Hive, meet Jerry.

Jerry and his wife are two of Mama Pretzel’s closest friends.  They always have the most fun together and are super supportive of each other.  There was no question that Jerry and his wife would be guests at our wedding.  The generosity of this man knows no bounds and Mr Pretzel and I are blessed to have him in our lives.  Both Jerry and his wife showed a lot of interest in our wedding planning and my mom kept them up to date with all of our brightly colored vintage laced plans.  When Jerry saw our engagement photo shoot with my friend’s classic car he decided that he knew the perfect addition to our wedding.

Meet Jerry’s truck.

Guest Photo

Jerry decided that he was going to offer us his vintage aqua Chevrolet truck to do a faux get-away and for photos.  At the time he decided this the wedding was about 8 months away and his truck was in various stages of completion.  He was hand restoring the truck by himself and took our wedding as the perfect goal to motivate him to finish his project. Needless to say, Mr P and I were honored that he would do this for us. Throughout the next 8 months Jerry would send us status updates through my mom and through email.  The updates never failed to bring a smile to our faces.

From: Jerry
To: The Pretzels
Truck update:
I got new wheels and tires today at Les Schwab. I tried to clean up the old aluminum mags and strained my back. Gave up and bought new ones. Next up, running boards and tweeking out the small problems with the tail lights. The doors rattled on the way to get new wheels so I need to add more weather-stripping to them. It should be ready in time for Mom’s birthday for rides. It was a nice day to drive the truck. Sunny and warm. Got lots of compliments about truck.

On our wedding day Jerry drove his recently completed truck to our church, a good 40 minutes from his house.  As luck would have it he got into the parking lot the engine died.  He frantically searched out my mom and broke the news to her.  With some help they moved the truck to a parking spot near the church door.  They broke the news to me as we were greeting guests.  Jerry was very apologetic and I told him not to worry.  The get-away wasn’t very important and we could still use the truck for photos.  I was much more concerned that he was going to have to get the car towed and that it was going to be very expensive.  He assured me it was no problem and not to worry.

After we exited the church we saw how beautiful the truck was.  The paint-job matched our colors perfectly and our photographer was excited to do  a series of photos with the truck.

Image courtesy of wedding guest, Mrs Cherry Pie {Persimmon Images}

Image courtesy of wedding guest, Mrs Cherry Pie {Persimmon Images}

After our mini photo-shoot Mr P turned his attention to helping Jerry arrange a tow for the truck. We tried to pay for the towing services but Jerry would have none of it. Being a classic car the truck needed special car so not any tow truck company would do.  It further complicated when Jerry’s normal tow guy balked at driving 40+ miles up to the church.  Eventually Mr P and Jerry found suitable tow services.  Jerry’s wife had their car and they met up with us at the reception later. Crisis averted!

We really took this snafu in stride.  Jerry was  bummed out that we couldn’t ride in his truck but Mr P and I were just so appreciative of his generosity, running truck or not.  We felt horrible that his engine died and wish that he would have let us pay for the tow. Mostly we just feel blessed to have Jerry and his wife in our lives and in Mama Pretzel’s life.

Were you overwhelmed with generosity of guests on your wedding day?

Coming up next: the Pretzel’s take on family portraits.

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