Twisted Together: Nom, Nom, Nom

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After our Dad’s spoke it was time for food!  City Catering really outdid themselves at our reception. We opted for what I like to call an “Eat and Mingle” buffet.  The food was light, fresh and summary.  Most importantly it could all be eaten with a fork.

Image courtesy of wedding guest, Mrs Cherry Pie {Persimmon Images}

“A fork?” you ask.

Yes a fork.  You might remember back to my Gocco the fork idea. Well it was a pretty darn good idea and I Gocco’ed 200+ forks for our guests.  Taking the hive’s suggestions we had four versions (in four colors) that read: “Nom, Nom, Nom” “Matt ♥ Amy”  “Amy ♥ Matt” and “Love on Tap”

Enough about the forks! Let’s eat!  City Catering prepared the following dishes:

Black Bean, Jicama & Corn Salad (top) Quinoa Salad (bottom)

Grilled salmon with avocado relish (top)  Chicken Souvlaki (bottom)

Hanger steak platter with fresh potato rolls

Heirloom Tomato Salad

My mouth is watering just thinking about the food.  I wasn’t a bashful bride and fixed myself a heaping plate.  It’s good that I did, I never did make it back to the buffet for seconds.

Our “Mix and Mingle” seating meant that people ate pretty much everywhere. It also meant that it was easy to move myself around and catch up with friends while I ate.  Genius!

Mr P roved around the room while he ate also.

My BIL and SIL caught a quiet moment outside with their dinners.

Image courtesy of wedding guest, Mrs Cherry Pie {Persimmon Images}

The kids had sodas…

…and the adults had beer (ummm… beer) life was good and the bellies were getting filled.

Up Next: We have some All-Stars in the Photo Booth.

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