Twisted Together: The Dads Speak

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After our first dance our DOC immediately handed Mr P and I pints of beer so we could settle in for speeches from the dads.  Best DOC ever!  *All photos by Amore Studios unless otherwise noted.

The dads were all that was keeping us from yummy food so we were appreciative that their speeches were heartfelt and brief.

FIL Pretzel had a lot of practice.  Three  out of four of his children got married in the 2009/2010 year and Mr P and I were the last.  The advice he shared with us was solid and tear inducing.

Papa Pretzel is my rock and my best friend.  I was nervous that his speech would have me a blubbering mess.  After some words of congratulations and welcoming Mr Pretzel to the family my dad did something so thoughtful.  He read a poem from his baby sister.  My Aunt M couldn’t make it out to Seattle for the wedding (she did party her butt off with us last November at our hometown reception though) and she sent my dad with a poem.

2 hearts now joined as one
my wish for you is simple
may your lives be filled with peace, happiness and fun

always respect each others’ feelings and agree to disagree
always cherish your time together but keep you own identity
always remember why you fell in love

there will be good times and bad
always be honest with each other
and never go to bed mad

just a simple bit of loving advicegiven to you from me
now these families gathered here can happily add
Mr. and Mrs. Pretzel to their family tree

God bless you both and

Image courtesy of wedding guest, Mrs Cherry Pie {Persimmon Images}

Papa Pretzel’s speech might not have been long, but it was really special to have my Aunt’s words with us.

Did the Dad’s keep it short and sweet at your wedding?

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