Twisted Together: A Rigged Bouquet Toss

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We had no plans to do a bouquet or garter toss.  At 32 yrs old I was the last of my friends to get married.  There was only a small handful of un-wed women at our wedding and I figured it was just easier to skip this tradition.

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My family had other ideas.  Meet my cousin M and his girlfriend A.  Aren’t they absolutely adorable?  Soon after dinner was served my cousin M approached me to inquire when the bouquet toss would be.  He wanted to make sure that his girlfriend caught the bouquet.  I told him that we weren’t doing a toss but this information didn’t compute.  Not doing a toss? Unbelievable.

Previous 2 images from USnaps Photo Booth

M wasn’t the only one inquiring. His step dad (pictured above) also pulled me aside to ask the same question, as did his mom.  I started to get the hint.  I let him know I would rig a bouquet toss just for him and A.  I was off to find a bridesmaid willing to part with her bouquet and to tell all the single women (there weren’t many) that we were doing a toss but to let the red-head catch the bouquet.

Ready, aim, fire!

I love how obvious the other girls are about not catching the bouquet.

A snagged the bouquet, YAY!

Mission accomplished!

My cousin was very grateful.  As far as I know he hasn’t popped the question yet.  Come on cuz, what’s the hold up?

Did you “rig” your bouquet toss?

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